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    I am planning a road trip from Boston to Tulsa in late October. At the most I have 3 days to make the trip and was wondering if there were any sights along the way that I should see, place to avoid etc... Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!!

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    It's over 1,500 miles from Boston to Tulsa, so if you only have three days, you'll have to keep moving and make your time-outs from driving close to the road and relatively quick. You do, however, have your choice of three basic routes:

    I-90/I-84/I-78/I-76/I-70/I-44 (1565 mi.)
    I-90/I-84/I-95/I-70/I-68/I-79/I-64/I-70/I-44 (1675 mi.)
    I-90/I-84/I-95/I-66/I-81/I-40/Muskogee Tpk (1725 mi.)

    So pick whichever of those most appeals to you and plan on making a few stops at parks near the roadways for some R&R, but don't plan on making any long sightseeing stops; you won't have time.

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    If you've only got 3 days to make this trip, then you aren't gonig to have much time to detour off the direct route. The trip is 1500 miles, which means you'll need to be on the road for 8-10 hours for each of your three days. That is a nice amount of time to make the trip with some quick stops along the way.

    A couple potential detours or stops would be Niagara Falls, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and the Arch and other St. Louis Attractions. Of course, there are lots of great parks and other quick stopping point everywhere along the interstate system. You won't really have time to linger at anything you stop at, but those ideas could provide a nice break from the road.

  4. Default amish country?

    Thanks so much for the responses. I was thinking we'd take a more southern routes to amish country and make that our stop for the first night. I was thinking the second day we'd make it over to Louisville and see Churchill Downs and then from there continue on to Tulsa for the 2009 US National Championships for the arabian & half-arabian horses. I didn't know if there was anything else good to see along the way. I like the Niagra Falls idea and when we head back we could do the more northern route and stop by there and maybe spend the night. Seeing the St. Louis arches would be really cool.

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    As both Michael and I pointed out in our initial responses, You will need to make good a significant number of miles each of the three days that you have available to you. In essence, you must cover 1/3 of your total miles each day to have a chance of completing this trip safely, comfortably and on time. That means you should get to western Pennsylvania/Maryland on the first day, and to western Indiana/Kentucky on the second. The two places you've listed are not too far removed from those goals, but I would be seriously surprised if having spent the night in southeastern Pennsylvania, you could then cover the 600+ miles to Louisville and have any time at all to tour Churchill Downs. Again, keep in mined that you will only have a very limited number of hours on this trip to devote to anything except covering the miles.


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