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    We are planning a two week visit to the southwest from Feb 25 to Mar 11 2009, arriving in Vegas and leaving from Pheonix. We will have a rental car could anyone give us advice on the best use of that time as to best places to visit and what to see. Thanks

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    "Best" is a word we don't use much around here. Every person and therefore every RoadTrip is unique and should be directly tailored to the particular circumstances. Nevertheless, what we can tell you is that you can just about pick any direction and pick any distance from Las Vegas and make great use of your time. You can do relatively short Day Trips out of Las Vegas. Or you can head southeast to the Grand Canyon and also explore the surrounding area as well as some of the old Mother Road. Or you could head west and wander around one of the most popular RoadTrip areas in the country.


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    Plenty of options to look through that Buck has linked you too, but you could also consider looking at visiting some of the amazing parks in Utah, Such as Zion and Bryce canyon located North of Vegas on I-15. These could link to Lake Powell, Monument valley and Grand canyon before heading through Sedona and Red rock country on the way to Phoenix.

    The choices will make your head spin but you can't go wrong in this fantastic area.

    Search the forums for ideas and when you have an outline plan or need to ask more questions, pop back and we can help you "fine tune" your trip.

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    I should have explained more , our current thinking is a couple or three days in Vagas and then heading NW , DeathValley,Sequoia Park,San Francisco, down coast to L A, and then heading Phoenix direction. How does this seem to you as far as time frame and days we should figure on for each area.None of us have been to the SW before so we want to catch the highlights first time around.Thanks ever so much.

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