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  1. Default Moving from Connecticut to Northern CA/Sacramento Area in December

    Hello! I have been going through all of the great information posted here and have still not quite figured out our plan-of-attack, so I thought it was time to finally post!

    My husband and I are planning to move our warm-weather selves back to CA after being here in CT for 4 years. We're pretty darn excited (thus the research being done 10 months out!) and have the timing and equipment factors pretty much down, we just can't decide on a route.

    After reading all of the great advice, we realize that the best thing to do is wait and decide on a route based on weather predictions as we get closer, I would just love to learn more about our options.

    We will hopefully be driving a ford E250 (or 350) diesel that will be jam packed and also towing our Miata (with breakaway breaks and the driveshaft disconnected, of course!). I say "hopefully" because we're still in the market for our van. We would like to stay on the flattest route possible, but realize that we need to be prepared to change the route at any time due to our trip being in late December.

    We are not trying to see any particular sights on this trip and know that we'll create fun no matter which route we take. Thank you all in advance for any and all advice on this thread!

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    Default The basics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are 3 basic route options for this trip (of course, you can build off those options and create countless possibilities).

    I-40 to I-44 to I-70. This route follows much of old Route 66 to St. Louis, and goes through the mountains in northern Arizona and New Mexico.

    I-15 to I-70. This is a spectacular drive, going through the heart of the Colorado Rockies. This makes for amazing views, but also means you'd go over the highest mountain crossing (the eisenhower tunnel) on the Interstate system.

    I-15 to I-80. This takes you across Utah and Wyoming. Its a bit higher in overall elevation than I-40, but is also more gradual with fewer peaks and valleys and thus is the "truckers choice."

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    Don't worry about how flat the roads are. A E-250/350 diesel will pull any Interstate highway grade in the country easily fully loaded and towing a car trailer. A couple years ago, I was pulling a long uphill on US-285 in Colorado in my empty short cab short bed F-150. I have a 5 speed manual with a V-6, I was flat on the floor in 4th doing 70 and barely maintaining speed. A Dodge 2500 crew cab with a diesel passed me doing 80+ pulling a Ford Escape on a trailer. We were at about the 9000 foot level. The turbocharger on the diesel will negate most of the altitude issues.

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