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    Hi All!
    I am taking a road trip from Denver, Colorado to Aluquerque New Mexico and want to know if any of you have any advice. We are traveling during the day in February so the weather may present various problems. Please let me know if there are any alternative routes in case of road closures and any other additional things to think of for the trip.

    Thank you very much!

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    The simplest route is simply to take I-25 straight south. This route really just skirts the edge of the mountains, and will be far and away the best route to take if there is poor weather. If the weather is so bad that I-25 is closed, then detouring onto another route would just be asking for trouble.

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    I-25 provides a direct connection between Denver and Albuquerque. Since it follows the Front Range while sticking to the High Plains, there really are no alternatives to it that would be better if the weather turns against you. The Interstates are maintained better than any other road during a storm and are the first roads opened in the event of closure. Also, I-25 is the shortest possible route at around 450 miles and would make for a relatively easy day's drive. If you should get an early start, have good weather, and are ahead of schedule and looking for a scenic alternative to finish the day, consider the Turquoise Trail between Santa Fe and Albuquerque to finish off the drive.


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