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    Default Trip through the South


    I guess it isn't spring yet, but It isn't winter here either :)

    Im planning on starting this trip on the 20th of February, and I have 6 days to spend on the road. Im traveling from Orlando Florida and my destination is New Orleans..

    I have no idea how long it will take me to drive to all the places I want to see, but I want to go to Atlanta, Savannah, Montgomery and greenville (and yes, only because of forrest gump :) ), from there to Nashville, Memphis, little rock, Jackson Mississippi, New Orleans and Baton Rouge..

    Is this at all possible?? I do not intend to spend more than one day in any of the major cities.. I want to see graceland in Memphis and some country.. thing in nashville... The only Place I want to spend more time in is New Orleans, since it's mardi gras!!!

    I think I will travel by air back to Orlando though.. have to get back to work in time :) If I do have the time though, I will take a route through Mobile alabama, on to Tallahasse and down the west side of Florida.

    As I said, I have NO idea how long it wil actually take to travel this distance and I probably have to skip something..

    I would apreciate any input you guys might give me..


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you'll have a tough time fitting in everything you say you want to do. You've listed 10 places you want to visit in just 6 days. Even before you count in travel time, you'd have just a half day at each place dividing that up over 6 days! The zig-zag of a route you'd be looking at is about 1500 miles, one way, which in and of itself is 3 solid days on the road.

    Clearly, 3 days worth of driving plus trying to visit any 10 cities just isn't very practical for a 6 day trip, unless driving through a city to say you've been there is your only real goal.

    I almost see 3 separate trips here, one to New Orleans, one to Nashville and Memphis, and one to Georgia. I think I would cut that down to just one, or maybe two of those areas based on what things you'd like to see or do most.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To visit all the cities you've listed, and return to Orlando, would require a little over 2,400 miles of driving. Over 6 days, that's an average of 400 miles a day, or 500 miles a day if you take a day out to experience Mardi Gras. Whether that's a pace you would be comfortable with is something only you could answer, but it's certainly possible and would allow you to spend say 4 hours or so plus sleep time in each of 4 cities other than New Orleans. But you've listed 10, so clearly something must give.

    The most efficient routing would be a circuit: Savannah, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Jackson, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Greenville, Mobile, Montgomery, Tallahassee, Orlando. You could, of course, make the circuit in either direction depending on which way gets you to New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. Just on the basis of saving the most miles, the first three cities that would need to drop off your itinerary are Nashville, Memphis and Little Rock, cutting the mileage from 2430 to about 1930 and giving you another whole day of time to use in visiting the cities still in your list. Anyway, those are some of the things you'll need to consider as you determine what works best for you and what you can really accomplish in the time you have available to you.


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    Default swing and a miss

    Yipes, I missed Little Rock as one of the cities listed as a goal. As Buck mentions, that adds yet another couple hundred of miles to an already overstuffed trip. I really wouldn't even consider Little Rock as a possiblity for this trip, unless that was your primary destination, and you weren't trying to a take a tour through all of these other places.

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    Thank you guys..

    I thought I might have been a little optimistic :)

    I'll deffinetly (?) drop little Rock, I just threw that in to add another state to the trip :0

    As for Savannah and Atlanta I really dont have anything to do there, just want to go since the cities are well known, Ill probably pass them by.

    So i think I will go for the memphis/nashville and New Oreans option. Tht should be enough time I guess. and I guess atlanta and Savannah is close enough for a weekend trip some other time? Yes..

    Thank you again!! As I said, I had NOOOO idea :)

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