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    I am new to the forum and wanted some itinerary advice in regard to travelling from LA to Sanfrancisco to Las Vegas to Grand Canyon back to LA. We would like to spend a couple of days in Vegas as we want to renew our wedding vows. Being from Australia long drives are not a problem but I want to ensure we allow enough time to actually see things not just drive from A-b. We will have around 10 or 11 days. To do the trip and are then heading back to Anaheim to spend 8-10 days at Disneyland and LA.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi I just thought I would add this trip will be taking place in late May through eary June 2009.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This basic trip is the single most popular on the forum, with more than a thousand posts on the subject. I'd start simply by looking around at some of the other ideas that have already been posted. When are you traveling? If you are traveling in winter or spring, Tioga Pass and some of the other Sierra crossings are closed into May or June because of weather.

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    If you are travelling late May, early June there is a chance the Tioga pass will be open.
    This is HWY 120 that crosses the Sierra's through the wonderful park of Yosemite between S/F and Vegas which will also take you across Death valley. I don't know of anywhere that you have 2 such contrasting landscapes so close together and shouldn't be missed if possible.
    These are the previous opening and closing dates for the pass. If it is closed you can still visit the valley floor [the waterfalls will be at full flow] and head South through Bakersfield.

    With 10 or 11 days this is possible but I doubt you would regret pinching an extra day or two from the end of your trip in L/A, to take your time to explore this fantastic region.

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    If the tioga pass is open at the end of may is there a chance there will still be some snow as that woudl be very exciting for my children who have never seen snow before???

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    Default Sonora Pass!

    Tioga Pass might not be open, but Sonora Pass probably will be - and believe me you will see snow -- lots of it -- & lots of rushing waterfalls! It's very exciting to be one of the first cars over Sonora Pass in late May! Sonora is only a few miles north of Tioga Pass.


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