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    Adventures on Wheels gets recommended a lot on this forum, and after some initial email correspondence I have found them to be an extremely helpful company to deal with. I am under 25 and am planning a grand road trip for 2 months in the fall with two friends so what they offer is pretty perfect - and their quotes can't be faulted.

    However, all the posts on this forum are from people about to rent from them and I can't seem to find any from people who have successfully rented and returned to tell the tale!

    This is making me a little more worried about my one big problem with AoW, which is that they demand that payment be made in full 30 days before pick-up. This seems odd and is a potential deal breaker so I am keen to test the water before committing to anything.

    I am looking into how much protection I will get from my credit card provider but just wondered if anyone could vouch for AoW as an actual customer?
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We haven't had as many people as we'd like report back on their experiences, but we have had a couple. This is one positive experience with AoW that I found doing a quick search. I think we may have had one or two other post-trip reviews, and I think they have all been positive. At least I can't recall hearing about any really bad experiences with this company.

    Now this doesn't mean you'll have a great experience with Adventures on Wheels, but I think I would be comfortable knowing that they are a legitimate company.

    If you do decide to go forward, please report back and share what you find!

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    I too am looking to rent from them very soon (11th March) and am a bit worried about giving a full payment to a company I just know about over the internet. I'm not just about to hand over $4800 to a company I haven't used before on the hope that they haven't gone bust or just don't exist anymore.

    However, I too have found them helpful and the quotes I have got from them are great. I have searched the internet for 'Adventures on Wheels' and can only find 1 more positive review of someone using them (on Yahoo Travel I think). In my experience this could be a good thing because it rarely happens that people write reviews when they have a good service and are happy. If the company was bad then you would probably see more (bad) reviews of it.

    Anyway, I'm going to see if they will accept a 10% deposit rather than the full amount. And then pay the rest on arrival. I'll let you know how I get on.

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    Thank for the advice guys. I will certainly report back on how things go, and keep us updated if the deposit offer meets with any success.

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    I didn't get very far with the deposit idea. Because it so near when I'm needing to rent the vehicle I'm having to pay the full price now. I'll let you know how I get on.

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    One of the best ways of checking out a company is to contact the Better Business Bureau, and see if you can find out how many - if any - complaints have been made about the company.

    But in your case, I think you may have left it a bit late.

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