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    hey! i'm a senior in hs class of 2009 woot! and i live in northern virginia!

    three of my friends and i are also planning a road trip. we're thinking of doing a 2 weekish road trip from northern virginia down to florida.
    can someone give me a realistic amount of $$$ that this will cost? (at the bare minimum) we are willing to camp out for a few days, and hit some cheap motels, and i'm guessing that bringing food will be cheaper than actually buying them :-)

    we're planning on hitting the beachers (obx and myrtle, and amusement parks) anywhere else u guys want to recommend? (I want to go all the way around FL borders but i'm not sure if we are capable of that feat since we are just some teenagers)
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    Default lots of help

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Costs are dependent on a lot of factors that you will have to decide, so instead of telling you what your trip will cost. Instead, I will refer you to this thread which goes through the basics of what things you'll need to include in your budget. From there, you should be able to figure out what is realistic for your own trip.

    i'm guessing that bringing food will be cheaper than actually buying them :-)
    Well, if you are comparing bringing food to eating at restaurants, then yes, but if you are buying food at grocery stores along the way, then the costs shouldn't be much different. Since you'll be 4 people and bringing camping gear, I'm guessing you're car will be pretty full, so buying groceries on the road will probably make more sense than trying to cram even more stuff in your car. Here is more help about packing a cooler to save money on food.

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    hi there,
    just to reiterate, we are driving down along the coast from northern va down to fl. i was wondering if there is a good road to do this so we can enjoy the scenery etc. while driving.

    we are planning on stopping by savannah, outerbanks, myrtle beach, and orlando (universal studios)

    are there any locations that you guys have been to that you would like to add?
    any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks so much.

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    Default Coastal Road

    Having driven from Atlantic City to Key West, along the coast - always choosing the road closest to the Atlantic - I can assure you, the roads are good. Narrow in some parts, but then, they are so scenic, you would not want to go fast.

    I was amazed how much there was to see, and am so sorry that I only allowed myself five days to do it all. Nowhere near enough!!

    And the ferries add a great touch to that trip.

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    First, don't doubt what you can do. Do your research. Plan your days accordingly, create a schedule, and act on it. "Just being teenagers" doesn't limit you unless you are renting a car or act immature when you are getting your hotels. You might find the 21+ rule for some hotels an issue.

    No one can really guess what a cost is until after you plan out your schedule and check out gas prices (I suggest Then check out the map there and see how much gas will be and determine the cost by the kind of car you have.

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