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    Hi, my name is Alex and I am planning a road trip up the Southeast coast from Orlando, Florida to Richmond, Virginia in 3 days. Is this doable? My wife and I would also like to visit few of the popular attraction sites along the way including accomodations, food, and etc. Any advices on must see sites and if 3 day is doable?

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    Are you planning this as a one way trip? With 3 days, you'll have some time to explore and make the trip comfortably one way. If you were trying to do this as a round trip, You've basically only have enough time to drive straight there on I-95, turn around and drive back home. Also, are you hoping to stay near the coast for this trip, As you make your way up the coast, there are plenty of things to see and do. What sorts of things are you most interested in?

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    Hi Michael, thanks for the info. It will be an one way trip, and I would not mind driving by the coast through PCH or I-95 whichever will get me through this trip safely and fun. My wife is especially into gardens and I will love to see some art works including the architecture, nature, and galleries/museums.

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    There are at least 2 cities on your way (generally) that qualify as art in and of themselves. Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. Both offer architecture, gardens and art galleries. Be sure to check with the visitors bureaus in both cities before you go as they occasionally offer walking tours through some of the more stately homes and gardens.


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