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    My husband and i are planning our Springbreak trip. We will start in Galveston of course,

    drive to Austin stay 2 nights for a wedding,
    then via Waco
    to Dallas, stay 1 night with friends,
    to Hot Springs, stay 1 night with friends,
    to Memphis, stay 1 night in hotel - visit graceland
    to Nashville, stay 1 night in hotel - visit hendersonville (Cash' grave)
    to Birmingham, stay 1 night with family
    then via Jackson, MI
    to New Orleans, stay 1 night in hotel
    back home.

    First of all, what do you think? Too much? The right places? Any sight i need to see, any smaller towns not too far off the highway to visit? Nightlife tips? Especially regarding Memphis and Nashville!


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    Clearly, all those destinations where you're visiting with friends and family are exactly right for you and form the backbone of this trip. And there's no particular day's drive that would be unwieldy, so the real question is: What else is there to see and do? I do have a few suggestions. In Memphis, the center of nightlife is Beale Street, but as long as you're there, a pilgrimage to Sun Studio is probably in order. Similarly, there is a great detour available to you between Nashville and Birmingham. From Nashville, take the Natchez Trace Parkway to Tupelo, MS and Elvis' Birthplace, then continue on to Birmingham on US-78 which is near-Interstate quality most of the way. Two other detours present themselves in south Louisiana. On your way to New Orleans, consider taking I-12 a short way to the east and enter the city on one of the longest bridges in the world. Then as you're heading home, take a break from high speed driving and take a more scenic drive through the southwestern Louisiana bayous.


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    I second the Natchez Trace and Lake Pontchartrain Causeway recommendations.

    I'm not big on Texas or Arkansas yet to tell you what little oddities or side-trip attractions, yet. But, around Tupelo there are some nice areas that are just nice scenic drives.



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