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    I'm new to this forum, I currently live in California and would like to do a tour of the southern states this summer. Is this even a good idea? I haven't researched the weather yet. I have an S10 Chevy Blazer which runs good but has a lot of miles on it. I might try and find a different vehicle in the meantime. I'm planning on leaving in June or July. My goal is to spend a month minimum and up to 2 months depending on when I leave. I need to be back to California by September 1st. I plan on camping or sleeping in my vehicle, unless I find someone to go with me then I would camp. My interests include fishing, scuba diving, mixed martial arts, music and the general outdoors. Has anyone done this kind of trip and is anyone interested in doing this type of trip? I am flexible as far as destination, but I would like to run across Mississippi and Louisiana and maybe into Florida. I know I need to narrow it down, everything can't be done in one trip, but I'm just starting to plan this.

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    Hi Nate,

    As a native North Carolinian who has lived and worked in the South essentially all of my 53.5 years, I can assure you of one thing: It's hot in the summer. If you're from a part of CA where it's hot AND humid, you know what I'm talking about. That said, some first-time visitors are rather taken aback at the combination of heat and humidity.

    An older vehicle with lots of miles could be a question mark on any long Road Trip, and especially so with a traverse of the desert Southwest and the mountains along the way, with arrival and continuation in the South at the far end of the trip. Heat is especially the enemy of automatic transmissions. At the very, very least, my XC Road Trip vehicle would start with fresh Auto Trans Fluid, fresh coolant, and new radiator hoses and thermostat.

    But aside from the cautions, by all means look ahead and plan ahead. The Gulf and Atlantic coasts are usually a little cooler than inland areas and the beach or charter fishing can be memorable. Camping will be hot and possibly fairly uncomfortable, as would sleeping in the vehicle. The vehicle especially so since you'd want to keep it closed up against the bugs. Mostly for that reason, most folks would camp in a tent with bug screens, allowing some air to move about without getting eaten alive by 'skeeters. A bit further north than the places you listed, GA, SC, TN, and NC have real mountains (approaching 5,000' in the first two, and 5,000 to nearly 7,000' in the latter two). Even July an August are normally quite mild at the higher elevations, and the mountain trout fishing can be superb.

    Spread the maps out and let your imagination run wild. Ask any more specific questions that come to mind!


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    MUST you travel in June or July? I'm another native Carolinian who'll assure you that it is HOT here in mid-summer! Being out in the heat all day, then sleeping in a tent -- or worse, a car -- will most definitely be draining to you mentally and physically. People always say, "It's the humidity", but you don't "get it" 'til you've been here in summer. I've been here all my life, and I love the hot weather, BUT I can't manage it all day, every day -- I need a respite at mid-day, and I definitely sleep better at night in the air conditioning.

    June is better than July, but only by a tiny bit. August is worse.

    On the other hand, if you could travel in the spring, our weather is ideal. Absolutely perfect. I won't include fall since you said that you must be back by September 1.
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    Mississippi and Alabama are definitly the way to go if you are looking for nature along I-20. When I tripped down there it was nothing but pine trees. I couldn't imagine sleeping in the car in the middle of the summer, though. You won't get any air in there and it will be stuffy, cramped, and uncomfortable.

    I wouldn;t trust an old car to go that far. Who would get you if something were to happen to the car? Between the desserts and the remote Mississippi woods you'll probably spend a lot of time in the unbelievable heat if that were to happen. Then again I'm not sure how easy renting a car woudl be for two months.

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