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    Default Wisconsin to Florida

    I'm looking at taking a trip down to Florida in late March to visit the mother-in-law in St. Pete, watch some baseball, and spend a day or two at Disney/Universal. Everything is very tentative right now, and we've got to do a little bean counting to see if we can really afford to take the trip, but here's what I've laid out so far.

    We'd leave Friday afternoon, ideally right after school is out and travel south through Illinois, possibly getting as far as Paducah, getting a motel after stopping probably around midnight or so.

    The next day, we'd continue south, on I-65/US-231 through Alabama, and possibly camp for the night in the Apalachacola National Forest near Tallahassee, and finish the trip on Sunday morning. I'd probably take a quick detour through Land Between the Lakes, but I don't have much else in mind this day.

    We'd stay in Florida until Friday morning, when we'd head back north to Atlanta. Some possible stops this day would be Andersonville, or several of the Atlanta ideas that Peter Thody recommended. Probably would be camping near Atlanta this night.

    Saturday would be a pretty fun day, possibly spending a little more time in Atlanta and then heading up to Smokey Mountain NP (I'd also get to cross off North Carolina from my list, as it is one of the 2.5 of the lower 48 states that I have not yet been to). Probably would spend the night camping in the park, and then make a 700 mile sprint towards home on Sunday.

    The south is really the one part of the country I really haven't spent much time, so I'd certainly be open to other suggestion or stopping places along the way.

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    Default It's All a Bit Much

    You know that if you weren't a RoatTrip Guru, let alone a regular contributor, we'd all be chiding you about scheduling 700+ mile days, planning on doing nearly 500 miles in an evening, and so on. But I'm sure you know your limits so...

    Really, the only places I see for adding a destination or two to your trip is on the leg from St. Petersburg to Atlanta and then on to the Great Smoky Mountains. If you're going to see Andersonville, then I think you should also consider FDR's Little White House which is in that same general area of west central Georgia. The other is one I haven't visited myself, but I think you and your family might enjoy, the Cherokee Indian Reservation as you approach Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I had a great experiences at the museum of the Mashantucket Pequot Reservation in Connecticut and at the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico and have come to look for cases where native Americans are making public outreach efforts. (Disclaimer: You should also know that my son-in-law is a descendent of a Cherokee woman who walked the Trail of Tears.)


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    Default I hear ya

    Yeah, I thought you might say something about those distances. At 450 miles, Paducah is my best case, leave on time, I feel full of energy goal. Its entirely possible we'll only make it to Carbondale or Mt. Vernon. The 700 mile day is on the outer fringe of what I'd consider doing, but since its just one day, and I'll have the next day available to recover, I may push forward or I may decide that we need to try to get farther north that Saturday. By that point of the trip, I should have my sea legs back and have a better idea of how I'm feeling about the prospect of a 700 mile trip. Flexability will be the key with both of those distances and decision.

    Thanks for the little White House and Cherokee tips. My step daughter is half-indian, and I think she would enjoy stopping at their museum.

    The one spot that I'm still really looking for ideas is Alabama. I think I should have time for a quick stop or two on this day, but I really haven't started to look for possible places yet.

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