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    I know that travelers have consulted this forum already about this trip, but I have a few questions about the voyage that are more specific to my trip, and haven't been covered in other threads.

    I'm 21 and four of my friends and I are going to be driving to LA (well Irvine actually) this summer. Of the five of us, three are driving. The goal is to save as much money on accommodations, without camping (since there isn't enough room to pack a tent or other camping supplies). We want to make the trip in four days, or three if possible. Here are the questions!

    1. If we drive the classic inter-state route Google Maps suggests, will we be able to find cheap roadside motels? How much can we expect to pay for each night's stay?

    2. If each of the three drivers drive three hour shifts, with one driver taking the first and last shift, for a full day of twelve hours, do you think we'll make it in three days? Do you think that driving schedule is insane?

    3. How do we work out insurance, when only one of us owns the car?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Thanks for checking the previous discussions of this general route. There are a lot of great nuggets of information that have come up over the last several years of discussions and no matter how hard everyone tries, there will always be more in the 'archives' than can be given in response to a single request. Anyway, to your questions:

    1) You will have no real trouble finding relatively cheap lodging along the nation's Interstates. What I suggest you do is go to the corporate web sites for the major low cost motel chains, Motel 6, Super 8, Red Roof Inns, Travelodge, Microtel, and others, and see if they offer a brochure or pamphlet with a list of their locations. Then you'll be prepared to find them whenever/wherever you decide to stop. As a general rule, you can expect to pay in the $50-60 dollar range for a room after taxes, but you may occasionally find that you can do better, occasionally worse. Some motels may not allow 5 to a room or may charge more per person. Personally, I think 5 to a room would be too many. I can't even imagine the logistics for showering, shaving and sleeping.

    2) I don't think three days is possible, but 4 days should be quite manageable. If you look at this as a RoadTrip and minimize the time spent in motel rooms watching TV, then 600 mile days are quite feasible, even taking time out for meals and a few healthy and refreshing stops along the way. Get started at 7:00, say, and pull up at 9:00. Take an hour in the evening to unwind, shower, and get prepare for the next day and an hour in the morning to shave, pack, and check the weather, and you still have 14 hours to be 'on the road' including the previously mentioned stops.

    3) If you mean the cost, that should just be included in whatever the owner decides to charge for the use of his car. If you mean the coverage for the other drivers, then you'll need to check with the underwriter to see what coverage is extended to occasional or incidental drivers, or with the drivers' carriers to see whether their coverage is on them as drivers or just on their cars. But I applaud you concern on this and it's always a good idea to get these kinds of details worked out rationally beforehand rather than in the emotional aftermath of any accident.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You shouldn't have any problem finding motels. Sometimes you can find them as cheap as $30-40, but I'd plan for $50 on the safe side.

    No, I don't think you can make the drive in 3 days. First of all, driving 12 hours a day the math just won't work. You'd need to be driving nearly 850 miles a day, which works out to about 15 hours a day on the road. Even with 3 drivers, that's too much to do 3 days in a row. Over 4 days, you'll be looking at 11-12 hour days on the road, which is doable, although it doesn't leave time for much anything other than putting the pedal to the floor, don't stop for anything, driving.

    Generally, the insurance policy is for the car, so it would likely be the owner's policy that would cover any incident. However, this really is something you should talk to your insurance agent about to find out what exactly your policy covers.

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    Wow! AZBuck, Midwest Michael thank you both! That is amazingly helpful. Much appreciated!

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