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    Default 1st Timers Toronto to Florida & Disney ..HELP!!!

    We are a young family planning to Drive to Cocoa Beach Area. Our Children will be 3 and 5 at the time, so we are giving ourselves 3 days to get there.... Im not sure I can handle 2 kids in the car for more than 7-8 hours driving...

    We want to make sure we're not on the Interstate the whole way, and want to see some good scenery...

    Anyone know of good places to stop, and routes to take???

    Also, because our children are young, we are not quite sure what to expect at Disney... The last time I was there, I was 7, and I imagine it has changed quite a lot! Will my youngest be able to take part in many rides??

    Thanks very much!!

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    Default First Time is a Charm

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you intend to get from Toronto to Cocoa Beach in only 3 days of 7 hours a day driving, then you will have to pretty much stick to the Interstates. That does NOT, however, mean no scenery and nothing to do! Your route will be the QEW to Niagara, and then I-190/I-90 to Erie, PA and then I-79/I-77 south to Columbia, SC and finally I-26/I-95 to Cocoa Beach. There are places along all those highways to stop every 2-3 hours to give the kids (and their parents) a break. And I-79/I-77 in particular can be quite scenic as they work their way down the Appalachians. Overnight stays in Clarksburg, WV and Columbia, SC would break the trip up into roughly three equal segments.

    It's been many years since I've been to Disneyworld as well, but I have been to Legoland in California more recently and I suspect that what has always held true at family oriented theme parks still holds true in Orlando. There will be plenty to do for children of all ages, including yourselves, and the children will have to be dragged away rather than ever getting even remotely bored.


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    Some places to stop...

    1. Theres Niagara Falls if you have time for that.

    2. Just north of Pittsburgh, there is a bunch of really good trails in a place called "McConnels Park", located not far off Interstate 79, and if you have time, you could head to Pittsburgh itself which has really cool museums.

    3. Instead of switching from I-79 to I-77 at Charleston,West Virginia, there is US route 19 thats about an hour and a half thats really scenic. From there, you get to Interstate 77 near a town called "Beckley".

    4. Instead of going I-77 through NC, switch to I-81 South in the middle of Virginia, then you will enter Tennesee which has the Great Smokey Mountains, which has tons of walking trails, scenic roads, and tunnels.

    5. From the Somkeys, you could jump on the I-26 and head all the way to Charleston which is a charming old town with some beaches and great seafood resteraunts.

    Links to all of the places...
    Niagara Falls
    Great Smokey Mountains
    Charleston, SC

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