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  1. Default From San Francisco to Miami in March

    Anything I should know driving this in March? Any tricky road conditions, i.e. elevations, snow, ice? Especially in the Tucson area it seems to be hilly.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    It's impossible to predict the weather that far in advance, so the same suggestions that would apply to any trip would apply here. However, since we have no idea of how you plan on getting to Miami (what roads are you taking?), it's hard to say. If you do plan to stick to the Interstates, they would be your best option for clear roads and decent driving conditions in all but the worst weather. In the worst weather, it's best to stay put.

  3. Default I-10 between Phoeniz and El Paso

    I'm especially concerned about I-10 between Phoeniz and El Paso...

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    Default great divide

    Well, there is some elevation change certainly as you cross the continental divide, and this areas, especially east of Tucson, does get snow. Having said that, there is no easier or flatter way to cross the rockies.

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    Going via I-5/I-210/I-10, I think I'd be more concerned about rush hour traffic getting through the cities enroute than bad weather. Time it carefully and don't try to get through the big cities during the morning or afternoon rush. There is also major road construction on I-10 through Tucson.

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