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  1. Default Internet access while traveling

    Hi, is there anyway to have internet access while we are traveling about?
    As we are in the US for three months is there any services providers that you can sign up with for that period?
    We will be using a laptop for Google maps, camping areas and school work.

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    Default Many places

    There are quite a few locations that offer free wi-fi and/or internet connectivity. Many hotels offer free Internet, as do many libraries. There are also businesses that offer free or low-cost access to their customers, such as certain coffee shops and book stores.

    With these options, you wouldn't have to sign up with any particular service provider.

    Even campgrounds have been offering free or low-cost connections for some time now.

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    For the kind of usage needs you described I'll second Mass Tim's reply.

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    While travelling around for six months, in 2007, the only places where I was not able to get any connection to the internet, was in the remote parts of Montana, East Glacier, most National and State Park campgrounds and with family who do not have wireless. Though often I was able to pick up an unsecure connection in the area.

    Hotels, motels, hostels, commercial campgrounds, libraries (even outside), welcome centres, truck stops and along the interstates are all places where you will find there is easy access to the internet, and rarely will you be asked to pay.

  5. Default Internet access

    This sounds really hopeful but I'm not 100% about it. You mean you don't need to have a service provider (ISP)? I've never used wireless so I am a bit ignorant here.

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    Default ISP Q&As

    You won't need an ISP since the business/library/etc. will be providing that for you. They have signed up with an ISP for a certain service level, and all you have to do is either plug into an available wall jack or connect to their wireless network (depending on the type of service). Here wireless simply means that the business doesn't require you to use a cable to connect to their Internet connection.

    Think of it like going to a hotel and watching cable television. There is a provider behind the scenes, but you don't have to sign up with them since it is already done for you. Perhaps a better analogy here would be radio. The signal is available, you just have to tune into it, whether FM, AM, etc.

    I think the term is used somewhat ambiguously. When I think of a wireless network, I think of accessing a wireless access point (WAP), such as a router in a specific location. A laptop with a wireless card (either built-in or additional) will notify you if a wireless network is available.

    There is also wireless in the sense of certain laptop connect cards, which connect to a specific ISP (such as Verizon, Sprint, etc). One term for such a service is "mobile broadband". Another is "wireless Internet". Confused yet? This, in theory, allows you to connect from any place you have a signal to the ISP's network. This would allow more freedom, and I've used some that have very good speeds, though I don't personally have this service.

    I hope this helps a little bit. I guess the question is - do you want to be able to connect at anytime from most anywhere? Or do you just need to Internet on occasion?

  7. Default Internet access

    Thanks very much for all your replies.
    Tooks like we will be able to connect ok.

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    In researching a similar kind of thing for my upcoming road trip, I've stumbled across this website which looks like it could be quite useful...

    Wi-Fi Rents

    Check them out - I asked them about shipping to hotels and they said it wouldn't be a problem, so this is likely how I'm going to do it!!

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    $99 a week - ouch!

    Think I'll stick with paying the hotels, or else subscribe to Boingo...

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    Default hold on to your wallet

    Wow, $99 a week sounds extremely expensive. I'm not a mobile broadband user so I haven't done a lot of research into this, but I think most companies only charge $50-60 per month. Maybe they are providing something that I'm not seeing, but I would think long and hard before signing up for that service. When you consider the number of places you can get free wi-fi access, I would have to have some real compelling reason to pay that kind of money.

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