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  1. Default Palm Springs to Havasu, Grand Canyon, Southern UT, Vegas, and Back. Comments/Tips?

    I'm looking to do a 2 week(ish) trip when I get a break from university between spring and summer.

    Let me know what you think.. What would you add/subtract? I'm a college student, so any time I can camp or cut corners would be great. I think the biggest money drain of the trip would be the whitewater rafting in the canyon, and the couple days in Vegas, as well as general lodging (I'd love to find more campsites, can anyone recommend any along the trip?)

    Includes all but day 6 of this itinerary

    I most definitely wont be doing *everything* on the itinerary, as that would cost way too much. I just quoted it in whole so I could get your input on what to trim out and add in.

    You can visit the above site for a prettier, more formatted Day 2-6, I've copied and pasted here to keep things simple.

    Day 1: We'd spend a day driving to Havasu, stopping in quartzite to hike around and look for gems and stuff. We'd spend the night in Havasu, and start the above itinerary the next day. So two nights in Havasu total.

    Day 2: In the morning, take a Museum Tour to learn about the history of Lake Havasu, its founder, Robert P. McCulloch and the purchase, transport and re-construction of the Historic London Bridge.
    Have lunch and enjoy lake views at one of the local micro-breweries. Later, enjoy a leisurely cruise through beautiful Topock Gorge, near the start of the Arizona stretch of Route 66. Your leisurely trip up the Colorado River will give you the chance to observe interesting rock formations, ancient petroglyphs and abundant plant life. Overnight in Lake Havasu City.

    Day 3: Drive north to Oatman (:60), an old gold mining camp and your first stop on the longest original stretch of the old Mother Road. Stroll the buckboard street and visit the Oatman Hotel, where movie stars Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymooned. Enjoy staged gunfights and the famous four-legged settlers of the town - the wild burros that wander the street. Take an authentic stagecoach ride at the Gold Road mine before heading out of town. Take the scenic drive through the Black Mountains and head into Kingman (:30). Visit the Powerhouse Visitor Center on Andy Divine Road - which is also home to the Route 66 Museum. Have a bite in one of the old nostalgic diners and stop in Peach Springs, which is home to the Hualapai Indian tribal headquarters. Overnight at the Hualapai Lodge.

    Day 4: In the morning, take the bus to the bottom of Grand Canyon West for a day of white-water rafting. Take in the views of sheer canyon walls and experience the Colorado with a Hualapai Indian guide at the helm, stopping for lunch and a short climb to the cool and beautiful travertine falls. When you reach the end, a helicopter will lift you to the canyon's rim, where you'll board the bus back to Peach Springs. Drive to Seligman and get a snack at the quirky Snowcap - a Route 66 nostalgia lover's delight. If you have time, stop in the museum a couple doors down and talk to Angel Delgadillo, also known as the Guardian Angel of Route 66. His family has spent generations in this town and he will have a few stories to tell. Drive to Williams to overnight.We'd pretty much follow the itinerary word for word, but heading north to Kanab on day 6, we'd spend the night there(night 7 of the trip), then head to the state park and camp for two nights(8 & 9).

    Day 5: Drive north one hour to Grand Canyon National Park or board the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams for a scenic trip the Grand Canyon Village. Spend a few hours exploring the grandest natural wonder in the world. Be sure to visit the El Tovar Hotel and Kolb Studio, as well as numerous lookouts for different and awe-inspiring views of this amazing place. To experience a breath-taking sunrise or sunset, overnight in the National Park at one of the lodging facilities. Otherwise, head back to Williams or Flagstaff to overnight.

    Day 6: Spend the day in Flagstaff, where the main drag is Route 66. Start off with a visit to the Museum of Northern Arizona, the gateway to understanding the land and peoples of the Colorado Plateau. Two hours or more can easily be spent learning about this magnificent region. Visit Riordan Mansion State Park. The mansion was built by two brothers who married two sisters. The mansion is actually two homes that are mirror images of each other. The homes offer a picture-perfect example of Arts and Crafts architecture. Grab a bite at the Galaxy Diner on Route 66, then walk off your meal by strolling the wonderful shops in Flagstaff's downtown area. Be sure to stop by the Visitors Center in the historic train depot. Have dinner at Charly's Pub and Grill in the charming Weatherford Hotel, a place with a history of presidents and gunslingers - so much so that Zane Grey was inspired to write Call of the Canyon while staying there. After dinner, take a guided tour of Lowell Observatory. See the telescope a Lowell astronomer used to discover the planet Pluto in 1930. Spend evening country dancing at the Museum Club, a historic Route 66 roadhouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Overnight in Flagstaff.

    Day 7: Drive to Kanab UT, we would have to do some more planning or just improvise this bit - because this is only a few hours driving. We could stop and do stuff along the way... Any suggestions?

    Day 8,9,10: Drive to UT state park and camp for two/three nights.

    Day 10,11,12: By then we'd be all camped out, so we'd head on down to Vegas for a couple nights of partying and or recharging our batteries.

    Day 12,13: Drive home :)

    Here is the rout we would be taking...,6.70166&z=8

    Thank you for reading if you made it this far! I would really love any comments, criticism, input anyone can offer.

    Thanks again in advance,

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    Default Canned Itineraries

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The nice thing about pre-packaged itineraries such as the one you've found from the state of Arizona is that they do give you a good idea of what's available in an area and what's possible to accomplish in a short amount of time as long as you keep moving. The down side is that they're a one-size-fits-all kind of mishmash of what the designer wants you to see. I'm glad to see that you've already started to trim from the list presented. Continue to do so with your friends. Pick the parts you like and continue to jettison those you don't. Spend more time on what's on your list. So, in general, what would you add, what kind of help are you looking for?


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    Default A few tips

    Quote Originally Posted by sanitystealer View Post
    Day 1: We'd spend a day driving to Havasu, stopping in quartzite to hike around and look for gems and stuff.
    "Gems and stuff" -- There are no gems to find in Quartzite except in the sales tents. And the season will be over before you get there. This is why Quartzite still exists and thrives.
    In the morning, take a Museum Tour to learn about the history of Lake Havasu,
    The museum is worth a look -- it will take you about twenty minutes if you read everything -- here is an overview...
    Later, enjoy a leisurely cruise through beautiful Topock Gorge, near the start of the Arizona stretch of Route 66.
    This is probably worthwhile, but I think you can see everything you want in the first day.
    Drive north to Oatman (:60), an old gold mining camp and your first stop on the longest original stretch of the old Mother Road.
    Certainly recommend this stretch -- here's just one of the field reports RTA has published about this place.
    Overnight at the Hualapai Lodge.
    Are you driving in? That road is guaranteed to shake your fillings loose. That schedule sounds nice -- but you can do all of it without paying the entry fee for the Grand Canyon West attraction. Personally, I would skip that attraction and go directly to the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

    So, now you would be at the end of day 2 not four.... Spend a couple of days around the Grand Canyon and maybe check out these other wonders.

    Verde Valley is pretty fun to explore

    Monument Valley and a return to Las Vegas via some of the parks in Utah would round out this trip.


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