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    I'm planning a 9 day trip to Washington this summer and am trying to get advice on which order I should tackle the parks in. We'll fly into Seattle, rent a car there and then plan on visiting, North Cascades NP for a day and a half, Olympic NP for 2-3 days and Mt. Rainier NP for 2 days.

    They're all 130 miles or closer to Seattle, but travelling from one park to the next... does anyone have past experience on what worked for them?

    Also, hints on lodging in/around the parks for the budget conscious. :)

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    I haven't faced your particular dilemma, but such logistical decisions are part of any RoadTrip. Since you want to spend 2-3 days at each park, and because they are each too far from a central location such as Seattle, it clearly looks like you should opt for a circuit around the three parks. Since Puget Sound is in the middle of your journey, clearly you should visit Mt.Ranier in the middle. But I don't think it much matters whether you see Olympic or Cascades first/last.

    As for low cost accommodations in those areas, I'm afraid that they're going to be hard to come by. There are no large cities near any of the three parks with the possible exception of Ranier which could conceivably be visited from near Puyallup, but even at that, you'd be spending 3 hours or so a day to drive into the park and back. Also, remember that these smaller, rural motels near the parks have a limited time, maybe a few months each year, to make their entire income for the year. If you can find rooms for $100-125, that's probably about as well as you can do.


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