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    Default New Orleans - Chicago - Yellowstone - Los Angeles (input and advices appreciated!)

    I posted some plans to this forum quite a while ago, and got some nice info, thanks for that.

    Now our plans have refined as well as other details have changed a little. So I present our plan as it is now, and would appreciate any hint, thought and advice about it :)

    We are 2 Finnish guys, tho it might be, that the number will change to 3. We will arrive at New Orleans at 3.8.09 (August 3) evening and leave from Los Angeles at 27.8.09 morning. The plan i made with Trip Tick is included as an attachment, but in essence the stops would be:

    1. New Orleans - Memphis 8h (5.)
    2. Memphis - Nashville 4h (7.)
    3. Nashville - Dayton 5h (9.)
    4. Dayton - Chicago 5h (11.)
    5. Chicago - Sioux City 8h (13.)
    6. Sioux City - Mt. Rushmore 8h (15.)
    7. Mt. Rushmore - Yellowstone 9h (17.)
    8. Yellowstone - Salt Lake City 6h (19.)
    9. Salt Lake City - Grand Canyon 8h (21.)
    10. Grand Canyon - Las Vegas 5h (23.)
    11. Las Vegas - Los Angeles 4h (25.)

    The number in () is the driving day and the number before that is the Trip Tick hours given to the trip. Plan is not so much driving the interstates, but more of the smaller roads. The current setup is, that theres the driving day, and always a full day in any given destination.

    We are renting a Chevy Equinox most likely, to have enough room for everything and also for safe driving.

    Few questions pop in to mind:
    1. Is this a feasible itinerary?
    2. Is Equinox a good car for this kinda trip (any experiences?)
    3. Is Mt. Rushmore - Yellowstone too long a trip in one day?
    4. Any other ideas on how the trip could be refined?
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    Default thoughts

    I think your basic outline is fine, although I'm not completely sure that I understand your numbering system. If would appear to me that you are planning to spend your first 5 days in New Orleans, but you aren't going to arrive in LA until day 25. However, it would also appear that your flight leaves on the morning of that 25th day. If that is the case, then you'll want to make sure you are in LA on the night of the 24th so you don't miss your plane.

    I also don't think you have to force yourself to spend a full day at each stopping point, especially when you are planning some pretty long driving days in between. For example, it looks like you are going to drive from Chicago to Sioux City, spend a full day there, then drive to Mt. Rushmore. The estimates of 8 hours you've been given for those trips is also reflective of interstate driving - and you said you prefer to drive on non-freeways. So when you take those things into account, I think it would make much more sense simply to plan smaller driving days, but drive each day. In this case, you'd still make it from Chicago to Rapid City in 3 days, but you might stop in say Des Moines or Waterloo Iowa on the first night, and then say Mitchell SD the second.

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    Thanks for the quick answer!

    The numbering refers to the actual day of august, so in essence i would arrive in New Orleans 3.8. and the first driving day (New Orleans - Memphis) would be 5.8. Also, we would arrive at LA in 25.8. and the flight leaves 27.8.

    Driving 3 days in a row would perhaps not be such a bad thing. Sioux City is perhaps the least interesting thing in the itinerary, and i would gladly exchange it with some smaller places.


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