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    Default Newbie... Headed to MO??

    My husband is in the military and is currently at a base in MO.
    This will be our first "road trip" together, and when I go out there we will have been apart for 5 months. We have done a lot of traveling together but they were always to destination spots, we didn't do anything on the way there. Since this is going to be our vacation, I was wanting to make it a fun road trip :D Any ideas about getting started? or anything in MO. I will be coming from KY, and that is where we will be going back too. I thought we could maybe go a little farther west too??


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    Default Short Trip There - Long Trip Back

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First off, thanks to your husband for his service and to you for your patience. Now, 'Kentucky' and 'Missouri' are pretty large targets, so I'm only guessing at your start and end points, but using Lexington and Columbia, I shouldn't be too far off. Heading out to Missouri, I assume you'll just want to get there in the most efficient manner possible, and that would be basically I-64 to St. Louis and then I-70 through central Missouri. Still, there are places to take refreshing breaks along those roads.

    Coming back, I think I'd suggest north rather than west and make this a relaxed trip to see a good bit of Americana. Some general ideas for some great stops would include Hannibal MO, Nauvoo IL, Springfield IL, and New Harmony IN. Now, that's a trip built around American History and non-interstate roads, but certainly other themes and other highways are possible. If there's something different you had in mind, or some special interest that you or your husband might want to indulge, just speak up.


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    Wow, that sounds great.
    Since we live in KY thats def gonna be my start and our end point. I am going to MO for his military graduation, and we will be starting "our" trip from there. I was also thinking about heading to grand canyon from there, it is a 21 hour drive tough. :S I am horrible at planning things like this, he always does it, and we always have a blast. It is going to be a graduation surprise/vacation.

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    Default not a chance

    Despite what you may have seen from an online map, there is no chance you could get from Missouri to the Grand Canyon in 21 hours, unless you are starting in say Joplin at the very SW corner of the state.

    Regardless, at a distance of at least 1200 miles, there is no way you should be attempting a trip of that distance "straight through." Its not safe to drive that much at once, and it certainly wouldn't be a good time. You need to think of this as 2 full days of driving if you'd like to go there, and at least 3 days to drive back to Kentucky. Now if you've got that much time to work with, then go for it, but if you've only got a few days, then you need to think of some places a little closer.

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    Default OK, Then...

    Quote Originally Posted by lyssb

    I am horrible at planning things like this...It is going to be a graduation surprise/vacation.
    Well, then, let us help you give him a surprise trip that is at least as good as those he has given you. First off, you and we need to know how much time you have for this trip? What is your preferred travel style: lots of hours on the road, or spending more/most of your time doing things? What sorts of things interest you? What types of roads would you like to drive: high speed interstate or sedate scenic byways? What kinds of lodgings would you prefer: Camping, motels, resorts, B&Bs? What kind of budget are you working with? All those things go into planning a great trip, so take a little time and answer those questions and then you'll have the limits and outline of a RoadTrip that will be right for the two of you. Harder than he made it look, No?


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