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    My girlfriend and I are planning on taking a road trip from her cousins house in Ontario back to where I live in Charleston. We are thinking about visiting Boston, New York, Philly, And DC on our way back. If anyone else has taken this trip or any part of it, any recommendations? Things to see, good places to eat? any places recommended to visit in those cities? Ive been to NY and DC before so i am somewhat familiar with those, but Boston and Philly... I have no clue...other then a cheese steak in Philly.

    Also we were thinking about camping on the night or 2 on our way down. Is it easy to get into a camp ground late at night or should we plan something different or just get there early? any ideas on good cheap safe camp grounds on that trips route? Any help or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you very much!

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    Certainly, A couple things right off the bat. In Boston, to get a good feel for the city, ditch your car - trying to navigate its streets will only cause frustration. Instead walk the Freedom Trail. And the same in Philadelphia, most of historic Philadelphia is within easy walking distance of Independence Mall, and for the best cheese steaks walk the open air markets and stores of South 9th St.

    Most commercial and state park campgrounds will generally allow you to arrive anytime up to sunset or so. Usually, but not always, they will still have camp sites available. I don't camp in campgrounds that much myself, but have very seldom been disappointed with state park campgrounds.

    What else did you have in mind? How long do you have for the trip and how long will you be in Charleston?


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    Well we will have 2 or 3 days to travel from Canada to Charleston. I live in Charleston...transplant from Cincy Ohio. So we will end our trip at my apartment. We are just looking for a few things to do on the way to down to break up the trip a bit and see some sites. Shes never been to any of those cities and I think she would really love them all.

    Are there any safe ideas as far as sleeping in your car on road trips. We wont have all the funds to stay in hotels and motels like we would like to. Maybe I can save up by then, but we also like the idea of camping. Any ideas form that jumbled info?

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    Then besides Boston and Philadelphia, New York and Washington are the other obvious points of interest along the way. As far as sleeping in your car, you will be driving one of the most heavily traveled highway corridors in the world. While several posters have found Truck Stops safe places to pull in and grab some sleep, those along I-84 and I-95 will all be very busy and noisy. Sleeping in roadside rest areas is often illegal other than for short cat naps and is not recommended. State parks are probably your best bet. These generally run around $20/night but will require some advanced planning since your chances of just pulling off I-95 and finding a park within easy reach are not good.


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    Yea, thats what I thought I might do. Research the trip and see what places are along the way and maybe make plans for a few different places..and depending on where we make it, grab the one closest. Now i just have to get a truck that will make the trip. i have an old rusty 94 explorer... i trust it but not for THAT long of a trip.

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