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    Hello, I am planning a cross-country trip at the beginning of August from the San Francisco Bay Area to Norfolk, Va. I will have just returned from deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan and I will pick up my children from my parents home and return them to our home in Virgnia. Traveling with us will be my significant other and his daughter. So, my trip involves myself, my significant other and our three teenagers (16, 15 and 14). We will be traveling in an SUV that is not as spacious as I wish, considering Iwe will have three teens in the backseat.

    I am hoping to get some ideas of what would be the best way to travel - northern route through the Rockies or Southern route and pass through the Grand Canyon. Both ways appeal to us; what is the key factor for us is to have a "teen friendly" destination each day. We are all interested in American history, as well as the outdoors.

    We hope to complete our trip in 7 days, so we aren't planning any lengthy stay in one place. We wouldn't be opposed to camping some nights, but because of our time constraints, staying in hotels is probably the best for us.

    Any suggestions you can pass along my way would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The most 'efficient' route from San Francisco to Norfolk would be I-80 to eastern Nebraska and then dropping down on I-29 to I-70/I-64 to complete the journey. That would clock in at just under 3000 miles. For around 250 miles more, you can include, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. You'd head south from San Francisco through Bakersfield and Barstow to I-40, turn north at Williams and visit the Grand Canyon, exit to the northeast on US-160/US-163 up through Monument Valley, head north on US-191 to Arches National Park and then take I-70 through the Rockies to the Denver area, taking a short detour north to Rocky Mountain National Park, and then continue eastward on I-70. To do all that, you'd have to keep up a fairly fast pace of 500 miles a day, but even that kind of pace would let you spend 3-4 hours each day out of the car doing things. The trick is to use the full day for travel and sight-seeing, minimizing time spent at the motel each evening just sitting around watching TV.

    As for the key factor in having 'teen friendly' destination(s) each day, it's simple: get some teen input. As I said you have a few hours each day to spend out of the car, so get them involved now in deciding how they would spend that time. Give them the basic route that the adults decide on and let them each choose a couple of places along that route that they would like to see. There are plenty of places both along the major highways and in each state for them to choose from, but I'm also sure that they can find others that will surprise you and thrill them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Riza1824 View Post
    I will have just returned from deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan...........
    Thank you!!

    Lifey who appreciates all who serve

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