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  1. Default Vegas to San Francisco in three days

    Hi all,

    I have read several topics dealing with this route but I just wanted to ask for some feedback regarding our plans as I'm not familiar with the area and the climate this time of year.

    My partner and I are planning our honeymoon and want to take a small road trip from March 13th till March 15th. Our idea is as follows:

    Day 1: Leaving Vegas in the morning, driving to Death Valley and staying overnight in Bakersfield.

    Day 2: Going from Bakersfield to Sequoia NP and staying overnight close to Yosemite NP

    Day 3: Enjoying Yosemite and driving in the evening to San Francisco.

    We have already booked the flights to Vegas and from San Francisco so we cannot plan in more than those three days, but how to fill in these days is flexible. We would like to see a lot, which is why I have planned in the three parks. Is it too much and should we try to skip Sequoia for an extra day in Yosemite? Is Bakersfield a good place to stay overnight?

    If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful

    Many thanks,

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    Default Sounds Reasonable

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your plan sounds pretty decent on the surface. I am curious though, do you have to be in San Francisco on the evening of the 3rd to catch a flight, or does your flight leave the morning of the 4th day?

    If you have to fly out of San Francisco on the evening of the 3rd, then I would probably skip Sequoia. When you factor in the time it takes to drive into and out of Yosemite and the few hours you need to get back to San Francisco, combined with the time you need to get through security for a flight, I don't think it would be worthwhile. It most, you'd get to spend a couple hours taking a real quick look at things, but you'd have the stress of having to constantly watch the clock to make sure you were at the airport on time.

    If you don't actually depart SF until day 4, and you don't mind driving into the evening hours and don't have a specific time that you need to get to SF, then I think you could do ok. You'll still be taking a pretty quick overview of Yosemite, but I think you'll have enough time to enjoy yourself

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't have a flight leaving on the 3rd day, but I want to spend two full days in San Francisco before my flight leaves on the evening of the 5th day. I would love to see many things in
    San Francisco and I think two days is the absolute minimum for that.

    Given the short amount of time we can spend in each park, what would be the recommended things to see in each? Would March be a good season for the waterfalls in Yosemite?

    Many thanks,

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    Default Worth the time !

    Hi Floris, congratulations on your up coming Wedding !

    If you don't mind the long days you can do all three parks and get an overview.
    Death Valley, take the 160 to Pahrump, then Ash Meadow/ State line Road to Death valley junction and then the 190 to Olancha. You will drive through some fascinating landscapes. As a "drive thru" you will pass Zabriske point, Furnace creek, good spot for food and drink and a wander around the gardens, museum e.t.c. at the the Inn and the Ranch. You could take a detour to Badwater, the lowest point in the U.S.A. You will also pass the Sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells.

    Sequoia; Drive the scenic Generals highway [198] and stop at the Giants Forest village and visitor centre. Take a walk to the General Sherman tree, the largest living thing on earth. Head fort Oakhurst/ Wawona.

    Yosemite. Explore the Valley floor, the waterfalls should have started to flow.

    In San Fran consider the Alcatraz tour, a great way to spend a few hours, and check out Pier '39.

    Have a great time !

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    Default Alcatraz

    If you get the chance, take the night tour of Alcatraz. Not only is it a great atmosphere in the prison, you see the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge and see the lights come on all over San Francisco. A trip worth booking for.

    There is a public phone up on Alcatraz, so you can ring your family / friend, and tell them you are calling from Alcatraz, and have been allowed 'one' call! :)

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    Congrats on your forthcoming wedding :)

    My Wife and I were married in Vagas back in 1996. We then drove through Death Valley to Lake Tahoe, stopping half way for the night (but I cannot remeber where!). Then a great drive down into San Fran, stayed for three days then drove the Big Sur into LA! What a fantastic drive.

    I think you'll love your mini road trip!
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  7. Default Full plan

    Thanks so much for all the kind replies.

    We will fly first into Vegas, have a wedding in the Grand Canyon, subsequently rent a car and do our mini three day road trip. We will then have two days in San Francisco which will definitely include a trip to Alcatraz. Th following stop is an overnight flight to Miami to relax, catch some sun and also do a day in the Everglades. We will then fly to New York City, spend a few days there before flying back home to Ireland. As you can see, it's going to be an extremely diverse few weeks but we want to see some of the things that make the States so diverse and unique.

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    Sounds like quite a trip you've got planned :)

    My Wife and I have also done the Everglades and Miami (had a tattoo done at Miami Ink) and I'll be taking in New York with my Brother when I cross America on a Harley in 3 months time :)

    TIP: If your going to Florida try to visit Crystal River. Swimming with Manatees is an experience not to be missed!!!

    BTW I'm hoping to a do a North - South road trip through Ireland in a few years time, probably after I've done part of Oz.

  9. Default Ireland

    A road trip through ireland would be really cool if you like nature (especially coast and hills) and small towns with pubs. I'm not Irish myself (come from Holland) but if you go from the North (Giant's Causeway) down to Kerry with a few pit stops and Whiskey tastings in between you can definitely have the trip of a lifetime.

    Thanks for the tip on Chrystal river, will try to sueeze it in although it seems to be a bit far from Miami.

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    Daddycool - if you want any advice on a road trip in Ireland, you can contact me - I'm a Dubliner!

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