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    This will be our first road trip folks - so lots of advice would be useful if you have time.

    We would like to take about 3 weeks (could be longer) during july and august this year to go from the north to the south along the west coast.

    We can drive it all or maybe take the train if needed for some bits.

    We would like to not have to do it again so we cant really miss any of the big things to see and do.

    We can drive every day - not a problem for me really - or perhaps stay over and look around some places - probably the cities.

    I am currently thinking something like this

    Arrive Seattle (dont know why but it is northern!)

    drive south along route 5 or 101 to SAn Fran - spend time there.

    across to denver via salt lake city and reno along route 80

    back to LA/San Diego via route 160 to see monument valley and Grand Canyon possibly hoover dam

    But i have missed out the drive between San Fran and LA - so i will maybve get a flight home from San Fran and drive up the bur sur road and popping into Yosemite before ehading for home.

    Probably sounds a bit too much, but we are up for it.
    We will do an east west trip on another year it that helps with any advice.

    So folks you oculd help me out by helping me on a few things

    Are we trying to much? - answer is probably yes...but we get bored quickly!
    Is the route okay - or do es it miss out on things that are a must see/do?
    Can i miss out LA? We are not into tacky things.

    The finer detail of what we do at each place i think i can find out and will post if i need advice - it is the overall idea i need help with here

    Thanks in advance for any posts


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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    Are we trying to much? - answer is probably yes...but we get bored quickly!
    I would imagine , with detours your trip will be over the 4500 mile mark. That would equate to around 10 days of travel spending 8 or so hours a day at the wheel which will leave you plenty of time for sight seeing. However that is just part of the story, there are so many things to do and see you don't have to travel that far not to be bored. The coast road is quite slow going and very scenic and you could easily spend a week or more travelling between Seattle and L/A and only scratch the surface. Yosemite and the Grand canyon really need at least a couple of days each to get an overview of them.

    If you are not to bothered about L/A and SLC it would be possible to take the coast to somewhere like Morro bay, head back to Yosemite and cross the Sierra's take a detour across Death valley and onto the Grand canyon. You could then go through M/V and head for Denver and finish your trip there, it would save a lot of miles and free up some time to enjoy this magnificent area.
    As a very rough estimate you could save about 1500 miles of travel by ending in Denver instead of going there from S/F and returning back there at the end.

    Have you looked at all the wonderful parks in Utah as an alternative to driving out to Denver, that you could possibly include in your East to West trip another year.

    Just a couple of thoughts for you to think over, let us know if you have more questions.
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    If you do decided to go from L.A. back to San Francisco, I would highly recommend using route 1, it is one of the mos beautiful drive this country has to offer.

    As for the time, I think 3 weeks is plenty, I am planning a 15 day trip that covers over 5k miles, so 4k miles in 3 weeks should not be hard. I would spend a couple of days in Yosemite, that is beautiful.

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    Thank you Chris and Dave
    I will take these points on board... do i go for open top or hard top?

    You need to know that I am challenged in the hair department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldyteacher View Post
    Thank you Chris and Dave

    You need to know that I am challenged in the hair department.
    I would never have guessed ;-)

    A definate advantage with a soft top is you won't have messed up hair, although you will need a well secured hat for travelling in August to avoid getting sunburn.

    If you get an itinerary sorted feel free to post it up and we can help you fine tune your trip.



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