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  1. Default First road trip from Dallas any ideas??

    We have always loved driving. Its such a great way to spend time together and see places. My husband and I have done short trips before but this July we plan to take a longer road trip with our one year old baby girl.

    Any ideas or suggestions on where should we head from Dallas? I know its going to be hot but thats our anniversary month and we plan to make it a bit different this time. We are planning to take 1 week off. Was thinking of driving up to Nashville but any other must see places or things to do??

    Your suggestions are highly appreciated and we are excited about our trip.


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    You can drive about 1000 miles very comfortably in two days with time for a few relaxing breaks each day and leaving you 3-4 days at your destination. That puts pretty much all of the South, with the exception of central and south Florida, in play, all of the Midwest up to the Great Lakes, most of the Great Plains, the Rockies from Yellowstone southward, and even Arizona and the Grand Canyon. So that's a lot of options. If you plan to go in July, then the central and northern Rockies including Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone National Parks would be a place to get away from the heat and humidity that would still be prevalent in Nashville. Another cooler option would be the Appalachians including Great Smoky Mountain and Shenandoah National Parks along with a drive on the Natchez Trace and Blue Ridge Parkways. There might be other destinations that would appeal to an interest that the two of you share. There's certainly no shortage of possibilities.


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