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  1. Default new york to oregon comic book!

    hey guys,

    i am making my sweetheart a comic book for valetines day detailing a hypothetical road trip to portland, or.

    here is our theoretical drive:

    i'm definitely planning on putting in some road signs (welcome to ______!), but are there any other images (landscapes, awesome signs, etc.) i should know about? and do you have pictures of them?

    thanks, i really appreciate it! fantasy road trips in the name of love, babies!

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    Default I don't get it

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I'm sorry, but I guess I don't understand what it is that you are hoping to do or accomplish. You want to find other people's pictures of landmarks and "welcome to" signs and put them together in a collection for your significant other? Do you have some plans to actually take a trip like this at some point, or is there some reason why you want to do this?

    I'm not sure if we'll really be able to help, but if you can at least explain what it is you are doing, and why a little better, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

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    hey, thanks for responding!

    i just know he (my s.o.) has been feeling really down lately about where he is currently living. he's wanted to move to portland for a while and has visited, but flew there. we've taken several shorter road trips together, so it's sort of our "thing". an actual trip over there is not currently in the works; i just want to make him smile and consider actually making it happen.

    imagine a children's book called "our road trip from new york to oregon." that's what i want it to be like. i am looking up main road signs we would hit on the highway, but i wondered, since i've never driven that way before, if there are any other particularly notable sights on the way there that we would see, were we actually to make the trip. so if anyone has driven along stretches of any of those roads, i would appreciate input along those lines. if you remember, say, a beautiful canyon to your right on route 80 in pennsylvania, then please, let me know about that, too! no pictures necessary, though they would be welcomed and appreciated!

    thanks again!

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    Default One Resource, One Hint

    There are several sites on the web with pictures of 'Welcome' signs to each of the 50 states. Unfortunately they mostly include the same person in each frame as they document their own trip. However, there is this site that has just the signs, plus welcomes to a lot of towns and counties as well. As for the other pictures of things along the route, I think you'd do well to emulate the methods of these folks in planning real trips and find the kinds of places that would appeal to you and your friend.


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