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  1. Default Are road conditions safe traveling down west coast in February?

    My girlfriend and I are considering driving from Vancouver, Canada down to San Diego in mid February. She is concerned that we could not do such a trip safely in the 2wd sedan we would be taking for the trip. (Due to what she expects will be icy road conditions)

    I was wondering if, in fact, this could be navigated safely? And more so, is attempting this during this time a good idea (safety wise)?

    Also I was hoping to get some suggestions for routes to take to avoid bad road conditions. Thanks!

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    Default It happens every day

    Welcome back to the RTA Forum!

    I-5 is one of the most traveled roads in the US, seeing thousands of cars and trucks every day, all year long.

    The road is subject to winter conditions, both snow and ice, however the road will be well maintained, plowed, and salted. It is also possible that the road will be closed for a short period of time if the conditions reach a point where road crews can't keep up.

    You may want to bring chains for this trip, but neither chains nor 4 wheel drive are a magic bullet for driving through winter conditions. No matter what you are driving, practicing basic winter safety, is really the most important thing.

    Added: Here is another great thread detailing I-5's trip through the Mountains.
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    Default I wouldn't worry too much

    Most of I-5 is in the lowlands. Unless there are extreme weather conditions, it is unlikely that you'll encounter snow or ice during most of its length. You might experience it in the Siskiyous in Southern Oregon/Northern California. I doubt you'll have any problems. But it's always a good idea to check weather forecasts.

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    Yeah, I5 down to Cali is easy peasy. Unless you get some weird weather like we did around christmas, it should be easy sailing. Althought you might want to give some thought to going down Highway 1 - much better views that way.
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