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  1. Default planning a summer road trip....

    Hi i'm new to this website and was hoping to get ideas and tips on planning my road trip for my 21st birthday. Since this is a few years away i'd like to think this will give me plenty of time to save and plan.

    Some of the top locations i'd like to visit:
    San Francisco
    Las vegas

    (I'd love to visit 'New york' but I think this is a bit too far :P)

    So would anyone like to give me other locations near by that are well worth visiting, some good websites to look at for renting a car, how much you think the road trip would cost, and any other information you have to give.


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    Default Some Background Reading, Then

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For the area you plan to visit, have a look through these discussions, and for some ideas on how much it might cost, this one. As for general planning, there are a host of resources here.


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    Thankyou for replying

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