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  1. Default College road trip: Chicago to New Orleans

    A group of ~8 guys and myself will be taking a road trip from South Bend, IN to New Orleans from the 21st of Feb to the 26th for Mardi Gras.

    We will be making the excursion in a 30' RV and are wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for stops along the way.

    Please give us some feedback on your must stop places to see, eat at, and give ourselves a fun break from the long drive. Please keep in mind our age and the fact that we may or may not be having some beverages along the way (i.e. petting zoos and MCL cafeterias probably won't make our final list but we are up for your favorites!)


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Have you figured out yet how you are going to be able to get ahold of an RV for this trip? Most companies won't rent to drivers under 25.

    Since you've got such a limited amount of time for this trip, I suggest shooting for Memphis. That will put you on the road for a full day, and let you stop in a lively city where you can have some fun and enjoy some beverages. It will leave you in a good position to finish off your trip the next day.

  3. Default Good Deal?

    Thank you for the welcome Michael!

    We actually found a rental center that charges 25 dollars a day per driver ages 21-24. So fortunately we can rent but will probably have to limit the drivers to keep our costs down. We managed to get 20% off the total package which is 1960 miles at 32 cents a mile and a 412 flat fee for a 30' RV which gets I think ~8-10mpg, plus gas (not sure if this altogether is a good deal as we are new at this?) Should we check elsewhere or try to talk them into a better deal?

    Memphis will probably be a good stop for us. Any good suggestions while we are there? I know Beale St is supposedly fun? I also saw that we would be going through Jackson, MS. --> Does anyone have any info on worthy destinations in this city?

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