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    hi all, firstly well done on the site its the aladdins cave of RT info! i live in the UK and me and a friend are planning a big RT over 6 months from Jan 2010. This will include buying a car (pref 4x4) and seeing as much of the US as possible hopefully including Alaska. This is very much at the early planning stage and my first questions are how much would a suitable vehicle cost? also what would people recommend about routes based on your own experiences? very much looking forward to your replies!


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    First, it is extremely difficult for a foreign national to purchase a car in the US, and indeed the rules can be slightly different in each of the 50 states, the level of government with which you will have to deal. So, if you know where you plan to buy the car, start now by contacting the Motor Vehicle department in that, and perhaps neighboring, state(s) to find out what's possible and how to go about it. Same with whatever state you plan to sell it in, although that should be easier. You should plan on taking at least a week at the start of your trip to find a car, have it inspected, and get through the red tape, and a similar amount at the end. Are you prepared to just walk away from your purchase if you can't find a buyer before you have to return home?

    Six months leaves plenty of time to see most of the US. I wouldn't count on Alaska unless you plan to end your trip there. The problem is that if you start your trip in January, you'd have to wait at least 4-5 months before it gets warm enough in the Yukon and Alaska to make the trip enjoyable, then by the time you drive up there and through some of its vastness, you'd be close to out of time or facing a very, very long drive back to the lower 48.

    A 4x4 will not be needed anywhere on your journeys unless you are specifically interested in driving off-road into relatively untouched wilderness. I think you'd be better off looking for a car that will offer a comfortable seat and ride since you'll be spending a lot of time behind the wheel. And as for route(s), that will be entirely up to you. Get a good map or atlas of the US and start marking up the places you'd like to see. Then just play connect the dots to make the route that is perfect for you. Once you get a basic plan we can help with specifics, but we can't plan an entire 6 month journey for you!


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