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    My boyfriend (23) and I (22) are trying to think of a roadtrip to take at the end of March, for about a week. Last year we went to San Fransisco, so we're thinking probably not California again. We were considering Seattle or New Orleans. Any suggestions?

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    A week is nowhere enough time to go to Seattle and back safely. It's going to take you 3 and a half days each way. New Orleans is a day and a half. We do not recommend driving more than 600 miles a day. The weather will also be a lot nicer if you head south, it gets COLD even in March out in the Dakotas.

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    Default Have Some Fun

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I agree with glc that a week is not nearly enough time to drive to the places you've listed and have fun in the process. If you'd like this to be a RoadTrip on which you explore the country rather than just fly over (or through) it, then set goals that will let you do things other than drive. This specific question of RoadTrips from Chicago has actually come up before, and I can do no better now than I did then. So have a look through these ideas and see if one appeals to you.


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    Default nola

    I think New Orleans could be a decent idea with a weeks time, there would also be lots of other possibilities along in the Southeast if you are looking for a little warmer weather getaway. Just be aware that even in the south, it can still get pretty cool if not cold in March.

    I agree that Seattle is just too far away for only a weeklong trip, unless you don't mind driving directly to your destination, and then turning around and coming right back home the next day.

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    Default How About Route 66?

    You could make a nice run back in time along Route 66 through Illinois to Oklahoma and back in that amount of time.

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