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    Hi guys, we are a party of four planning to drive from Las vegas on 2nd May '09 travelling to Palm Springs for three nights then on to San diego and finally departing back to the UK on 10th May. Would really appreciate any suggestions on a nice drive with overnight stay between Vegas and Palm Springs, perhaps a nice mountain detour if thats feasable, or any good hotels/resorts in between. Also any good routes between Palm springs and San Diego, also nice inexpensive hotels in the San diego area. Have never been in the area before so would really appreciate any help or advise you guys can give. Any good guitar shops to check out on the way ?

    God Bless America! We love you guys.


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    Its really not that far between the places you are talking about, so its really not necessary to spend an overnight between Vegas and Palm Springs. If you want resorts, you're probably going to have to make it to PS anyway.

    This thread has more information about drives and detours between San Deigo and Las Vegas

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    It's certainly easy to find some mountains and some 'other worldly' terrain between Las Vegas and Palm Springs, it would be a little tougher to stretch the drive out over two days. It's less than 250 miles between the two without too many options for an overnight stop. What I'd suggest is that you head south on I-15 out of Las Vegas to the small town of Wheaton Springs, and wander through the Mojave National Preserve. Make a point of stopping at one of the visitor centers/ranger stations to get their suggestion for how best to use the park to meet your own needs. Continue through the town of Kelso and southward to cross I-40 via Kelso Road to Amboy then Amboy Rd to CA-62 near Twenty Nine Palms. Take CA-62 west to where it joins I-10 at Palm Springs.

    Since you're looking for mountain driving, I'm going to suggest another odd drive to get from Palm Springs to San Diego. Leave Palm Springs on I-10 east to Indio and take CA-111/CA-86 south along the west shore of the Salton Sea. This part is hardly mountainous. In fact, you'll be over 100 feet below sea level. But near the southern end of the Salton Sea turn west on CA-78 through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and on into the San Diego area.

    Despite the fact I'm a bit of a picker myself and have been to San Diego a few times, I've never shopped for a guitar in San Diego, so I can't be of much help there.


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    Well it's certainly not between Vegas and Palm Springs but a detour could take you to the South rim of the Grand canyon if you don't mind the extra miles. If you didn't fancy that you could always detour across Death Valley.

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    Thanks to all for the replies, will be busy checking out all the connected strings to choose out route, really looking forward to it.
    Thanks, Ian.


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