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    Hello! just starting to think about a road trip home this spring.
    I'm currently living in Portland, OR - need to get back to Minneapolis, MN.
    I've been interested in this drive for many months.
    Some questions - this may be my only road trip - is it worth it to extend the trip - head down the west coast - into the four corners area and back out through Colorado?
    This is my chance to explore the US might as well do it all right?
    also- I'm done with school in March, I'd love to make the trip then but I am quite concerned about weather. I was planning to sleep in my car or outdoors for most of the trip to save on costs.
    The desert area I've heard gets very cold at night, especially still in March.
    Is it worth postponing the trip until June? Any suggestions on that would be great.
    Also does anyone have an estimate on time for this - I'm thinking a month?
    If anyone has done a drive similar to this let me know!
    any ideas would be helpful! thank you.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    If you have the time and the budget to do so, by all means take the time to get out there and explore! If you can make it a month long trip, all the better. The trip you describe could easily be done in roughly half that time at a leisurely pace, so there is no need to rush.

    The desert gets cold at night at most times of the year since there seldom is cloud cover to keep the heat "under wraps". That said, while sleeping in your car has been discussed on these forums many times, we'd suggest you find a better place to stay than on the side of the road somewhere. If you are adamant about sleeping in the car, truck stops and some Wal-Mart locations are good bets to start with looking for a place to stop where you won't arouse suspicion. Just be sure to check with the management first. Some places have ordinances against such an activity.

    If the thought of bad weather has made you hesitant, and nothing comes up between now and July, then June would be better for you, if for no other reason than to put your mind at ease. Remember that at that time of year, there will be more travelers on the road, so if you were thinking of seeing some places alone, you'd have a better chance in March. Of course, some of the spots you may be interested might not be open until Summer, too.

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