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    My friend and I have plans to travel all around the US. Starting from NC, we head up to DC and then NYC. We cut across to Chicago, down to Lincoln Nebraska, working our way over to Yellowstone natl. park. Then to salt lake city, then lake tahoe. We make a pitstop in San Fran, then work our way down the 1 to LA. Up to vegas, over to flagstaff, then to dallas and back our way to Atlanta. Then back home in NC.

    We plan to make this trip in about a month, leaving mid may.

    We will be crashing at friends and relatives houses along the way or camping where we dont have any.

    Any advice or ideas of where we should stop?


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    Default Researching.

    It sounds like quite some adventure !

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    Well with so many options open to you it's hard to know where to start, especially as we don't know what your interests are. Have a good look around the forums and Roadtrip planning pages for some ideas, it has thousands of threads full of info.

    How about starting with this great thread containing loads of suggestions throughout each state.

    Start doing some research and putting ideas together with your mate and keep asking questions as you go.


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