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    Default Road Trip LA - Vancouver with 2 small children

    Hello everyone,

    I have been viewing all the threads I can find with regards to this road trip and am in need of some additonal help.

    A bit of back ground. We are a family of 4 our sons will be 3 and 19 months at time of travel. We will arrive early June from from New Zealand enroute home to the UK. We have two weeks to drive from LA to Vancouver. I would prefer (with the exception of LA to Vegas) not to travel more than 3-4 hours a day. We need stops that will be fun for the kids to run around and see things, we are not really into hiking but we do like to do short scenic walks. Like city visits also.

    Could I please ask a few questions?

    1. Is the route through Death Valley and then onto Yosemite National Park via Big Pine (395??) suitable for kids. (meaning places to stop for food, drink, toilet etc)

    2. Do we need to book accommodation in advance at this time of year.

    Does anyone have any tips about travelling with kids, we will have spent a bit of time travelling in New Zealand with them but we plan to use a Campervan in New Zealand and it being my home country I know how it all works, and have people to stop and see all along the way.

    Thank you in advance for any advice or tips.


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    It is going to be very hot in Death Valley in June. I would bring bottled water and snacks with you in the vehicle, there are not a lot of facilities in the park. 395 has towns scattered along the way but you still need to plan ahead.

    Also be aware that you will not be able to rent a vehicle in the US and drop it off in Canada. I'd suggest do the dropoff in Seattle and take the bus to Vancouver.

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    Default A Kids Adventure

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The roads into Death Valley traverse some serious desert. While there will be sufficient places to stop for food, drink and whatnot, you will need to be aware of what's ahead of you and take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves. There are also a few places in the National Park itself with services. Be sure to check with the park rangers when you arrive for locations and hours. US-395 is a well traveled tourist road, so I'm sure there are plenty of services along there, although I have never driven it myself. From Lee Vinig on US-395 to Yosemite Village is only 75 miles, but it will be over a road (CA-120) with few services and a slow speed limit so be sure to make a final stop before starting over the mountains.

    I would definitely recommend reservations for the Yosemite area in June. That is getting into its heaviest period for visits. The same will be true if you plan to visit the northern California or Oregon coasts.

    We offer several resources and ideas for travel with children, and while the area of the country you'll be traveling through is not heavily populated for the most part, you will certainly never be far from food or, more importantly, an interesting place to visit.

    One final thing to think about. You may have difficulty renting a car in Los Angeles for drop-off in Canada. If you find that your car rental company will not permit that, you might instead plan on dropping the car in Seattle. You would drive the family to Vancouver and then one of the parents can return the car to Seattle and take the train, bus, or ferry back to Vancouver.


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    Thank you very much for the welcome, information and pointing me in direction of travelling with kids. I am beginning to doubt the route through Death Valley, it might just be too hot for us who hardly ever see the sun in the UK. We just really want to visit Las Vegas and it just seems a waste of time to travel in and out on the same road but it looks like it might be unavoidable. We may travel Las Vegas to Bakersfield before heading onto Yosemite National Park. Decisions, Decisions.......


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