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    We are a family of 7 with 5 daughters (NB to 8y), from abroad. We plan on a 9 day track with an RV during February, starting and finishing at Las Vegas. We would like to see Zion (incl some short walking trails) and maybe Bryce too (weather trouble?), and get to see Sea World in San Diego (for the kids.)

    * a recommended rout for the above plan?
    * any suggestion of a completely different track around Las Vegas at this season, including mainly nature (Lake Powell?) but also kids attractions ?
    * would it be possible to also include Death valley or Joshua tree ?
    * where would winterizing be mandatory at this time of the year and will just emptying the water & opening valves suffice ?

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    Default Choices.

    There are so many options and so little time.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    The weather is unpredictable as you know and you will have to keep an eye on things leading up to and during your trip. At high elevations such as Bryce you could expect it to get very cold and see snow. [Although this is possible almost anywhere] Bryce weather.

    It is possible to do a loop and include Zion/Bryce and Lake Powell by heading to Page from Bryce and you could even go to the South rim of the Grand Canyon, although with an R.V. and possible winter disruption It would be very rushed to do S/D as well unless you done a one way rental and flew out from S/D.

    Other than going to Zion for a couple of nights [lovely place for walking] and heading back to Vegas, through D/V down to S/D and then through Joshua Tree back to Vegas you could swap Zion at the start for the Grand canyon at the end of your trip.

    An extra 2 or 3 days would make a lot of difference, as would a one way rental and a lot will depend on how much time you are happy to be travelling against time spent in S/D for instance.

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