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    Default Please help my south FL->CA trip must sees? cool stuff? general help!?

    Hello Eveyone!

    Thanks for reading this and helping.I am a 21 M in very good health. As the title says I'll be going on a roadtrip this spring, probably March or April from Palm Beach Florida to somewhere in maybe California.
    I will be driving a jeep grand Cherokee, there is pretty much no set route and I am trying to find some cool/interesting/informative things to do along the way. I know at the shortest I want to go is to see those HUGE Redwood trees and get a picture by em :D.

    I like almost everything so I'm open and all suggestions will be seriously considered. I will be camping a lot of the time. and some sleeping in the car. I have about 30 days to kill but there really is no limit. I'm packing my usual camping stuff but is there anything else I should bring? the only thing that REALLY bothers me is the cold. any help in the form of routes,tips for traveling certain parts or just fun ideas will be appreciated. thanks again

    add on: I have a coleman grill and a few propane canisters that I cook on and some organ coolers (yeah, the hospital kind) to keep food good, they hold ice for about 10-15 days. I have tents and go camping at least once a month so I'm used to that set up. should I vary much for a road trip? I figured it to be about mobile camping.
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    I think it may be wise to budget for a few hotel stays. A room in a Motel 6 in a rural area doesn't cost that much more than a campsite in a lot of places these days. You will want an occasional real bed and a shower, trust me (although you can get a shower in a truck stop for no more than $10). Don't overstock on perishable foods, there are grocery stores everywhere.

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    Thanks for the tip on food I was wondering how often I'd need to restock but I'm not used to the whole there are grocery stores and towns on road trips deal, not like i'm in the middle of the everglades backpackin. I was going to leave a free $500 just in case I wanted to crash in a hotel. I have a budget for about $20 a day food. (mostly because I don't believe I'd eat that much.) is that enough?

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    Can a mod please delete this thread it is worded poorly and provides very little info or room to help. I'd like to re-create it more accurately.

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    Hi Brian, and [a belated] Welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    Apologies for the delay, we try and welcome all new members but it would appear you slipped through the net. I think we are fine where we are to continue, so lets get you started.

    As there are so many options along the way I would suggest having a search of the forums and roadtrip planning pages [above in the green tool bar] to find places that interest you and start plotting a route around those. The weather as you know is unpredictable but it's more to do with elevation than direction, the higher you are the colder the nights.
    Here are some great links to get you started; Tips on driving distances, budgeting tips, eating out of the cooler, A list for car camping equipment, An article on travelling solo, and last but not least A list of things to do in every state.

    O.K just one more, check out the NPS website for plenty of must see's along the way. [If that's your thing that is]

    Once you have got some ideas in place as to what you want to see e.t.c come back here with your questions and we can help you piece it all together
    for a memorable trip.


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