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    Default It's a matter of comfort with "risk"

    Quote Originally Posted by Coast2Coast09 View Post
    Anyone done both (planned a trip/winged it) and have advice on the pros and cons of both?
    My favorite kind of a road trip doesn't even start with a destination or a route for the day -- but those kinds of trips are pretty rare these days. Here is an article I wrote about motel reservations -- the same analysis applies to camping spots....


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    Default Great Insight LifeMagician and Mark

    Thanks a bunch:

    LifeMagician - great advice on planning vs. winging. Also, thanks for the assurance that I will be fine without a gun - my decision is now made :)

    Mark - You are a terrific admin and poster... I am impressed in your participation across the threads. Great article about getting in the car and enjoying an adventure. It presents hitting the road with no plan optimistically enticing, which I thoroughly enjoy. BTW - tell Megan I purchased her book from Amazon - even got a signed one :). I look forward to reading it.

    Countdown - 61 days til the ignition starts....

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