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    Hey all, great forums!

    We're taking a trip from Milwaukee to Vegas, Vegas to Sacramento, CA, then back to Milwaukee from 1/30/09 to about 2/6/09. Plan is to take I-70 in and I-80 out.

    Unfortunately, this is our only timeframe to take our vacation due to work, etc., but we're doing it nonetheless.

    In the past I've gone from Milwaukee to the Badlands, got stuck in a blizzard and headed south (to the warmth!), got blocked out of the freeways in Colorado and found side roads to keep us moving down to Arizona/New Mexico and across through Vegas to Death Valley. We eventually ended up in Malibu before we turned back. (many, many stories and not enough time...)

    I also have a 180 mile round trip commute daily and am no stranger to the road.

    I come here as it's been a while since my above-noted road trip and I'm looking for any "heads-up" advice on this trip and/or simply discuss the same.

    I've purchased a AAA membership and ordered all the maps and tour guides, etc., that I could possibly take advantage of through this adventure.

    We'll be driving a smaller 4 door Saturn with Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires. Is the purchase of chains necessary?

    We don't plan on stopping unless we need sleep / food / gas until Vegas, then marching on. Our end goal is visiting a friend in the Air Force who's just re-enlisted (Sacramento area) and won't return home for some time. We're planning for 2 days or so there.

    Concerns with driving I-70 and/or I-80 at this time of year? During my above-noted road trip when we broke off the freeway due to closure we ended up crossing through the mountains and landed in Durango, CO. Not sure how that happened, but it was do-able in a Ford Taurus.

    Any major speed traps where they'll pull you over for 1-2 mph over the limit / hassle you with out-of-state plates?

    Any general advice is welcome...

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    You will burn up all 8 days just making the round trip without spending any time in LV or Sacramento. That's 4500 miles! Just because you are accustomed to a 180 mile daily commute does not mean you should attempt 1000 miles per day - that is just unsafe. Sorry to be blunt and putting a damper on things, but you should look at flying and renting a car. A round trip from Chicago to Oakland on Southwest is about $350.

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    that is, unfortunately, not an option. we'll stop when we feel the need, avoiding any unsafe driving...

    Vegas is merely a stop-in, mainly to get on the roller-coaster that goes out the top of a hotel over the city...

    what about chains? hard-core speed-traps, etc.?

    general advice about being on the road with total disregard to timeframes. an extension of this trip is not out of the question...

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    Default Sorry But...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm afraid that you are not going to get much encouragement around here for your proposed trip. You have eight days total, of which you plan to spend two in Sacramento, for a 4,500 mile journey. That is 750 miles a day. Even with only minimal food, fuel and bathroom breaks, that is a good 14 hours a day on the road. While you can do that for 1 day, maybe even 2, to try to do it repeatedly for as long as you envision is unsafe. Similarly, if you have to plan on speeding to accomplish your goals, your trip is, by definition, unsafe. You claim that you will stop when you "feel the need", but the problem is that highway hypnosis and fatigue impair your decision making ability. You will think you are making safe choices when in fact you are not. If an extension of this trip is possible. do it. Trying to find the hairy edge of what's possible is unsafe, unwise, and not recommended.


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    This is the site's stand on what you want to do. With that in mind, I will not comment any further on this issue.

    Traveling 5 mph or more over the limit anywhere could possibly result in a ticket. We do not maintain a "list" of known speed traps, you will have to use other resources for that. I was stopped out in the middle of absolutely nowhere in eastern Montana last spring on I-94 for doing 81 in a 75. It was daytime, sunny, dry as a bone, not a cloud in the sky, and absolutely no traffic. It was not an established trap, the cop shot me on the move going the other way.

    Western states have chain laws. In reality, you most likely won't need them, but when the signs go up, you will not be allowed on the highway without them. I'd pick up a set of cable chains and put them in the trunk, or there may be a possibility you will have to get off the highway, find a hotel, and wait it out.

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