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    OK there is 4 of us leaving this sunday from Charlotte, NC and heading out to Long Beach, CA! I need help with a great route to take that would let us see some great places. I wouldn't mind checking out the Grand Canyon as well as drive over the Hoover Dam and then make our way through Las Vegas, before ending up in LA/Long Beach.

    Any Help is welcome!!!!


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    How many days do you have to get across?

    There are 3 major ways to go. I-40 all the way, I-40 to I-30 to I-20 to I-10, or I-85 to I-20 to I-10. Check these out on a map, and see if there are things along those routes that intrigue you. If you take the southern route, cut back north on I-17 from Phoenix to get to the Grand Canyon. I personally would prefer I-40 all the way, and my mapping program says that's the fastest. That's 2500 miles, which is 5 days point to point, add days for attractions. The mapping program says to take I-85 to US-321 to get to I-40.

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    Default Did it in late '07

    Hello Brant,

    I co-drove the XC trip from Raleigh to Port Hueneme (Ventura County, CA) in late October 2007, as my son had then returned from deployment and wanted his vehicle to be at his CA Navy base. We ran pretty hard and well exceeded any recommended daily mileage totals. Part of the reason to push it was to have time to take in a look at the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, which we did.

    We took I-40 from a point around 5 miles from our Raleigh home. Around noon on our 3rd day out, we reached Flagstaff, AZ. Following sage advice obtained right here on RTA, we drove north up US 89 to Cameron, AZ, thence AZ 64 west to the east entrance on the South Rim of the GCNP. We spend some 4 hours taking in all of the stops along the South Rim and had a snack at the main entrance before driving south to Williams, AZ where we got back on I-40. Our overnight that night was at Kingman. Early the next morning, we left Kingman for the Hoover Dam. We had been in close contact with the Dam's website and information officials so were not surprised at the inspection checkpoint on the Kingman side and breezed right through. We took the "inside the dam" tour, first one of the day (0900?) and were finished with it by shortly after 1100. We considered laying over in Vegas that night as we were well ahead of schedule, but in my son's own words "What's a 20 year-old with no money going to do in Vegas?", so we pushed onward to the LA area by driving south through the suprisingly mountainous desert along I-15, shortcutted to Santa Clarita to avoid rush hour in LA, arriving by 6:30 local time at his base NW of LA.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip. You will undoubtedly agree with what became our mantra during our trip--"Man, is this a big country, or what!"

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