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    Default Desperate to save money

    Hello there,
    I am new to the forum but was very happy to find it. I am not a well-seasoned road tripper but I have done a good deal of driving around the East coast. Now that I live on the West coast, far away from everywhere, it seems, I am looking for some advice for an upcoming trip I want to take with my boyfriend. We are both down on money but we would like to take a trip this spring or summer to visit my father in Dallas. I have some furniture I need to take off his hands and I want to spend a couple of weeks seeing the country before I start my new job. We thought it might be best to fly down and drive back, in the interest of time and so we don't spend the entirety of our trip driving. So, this is where the problem lies. How do we get to Texas cheaply? How do we get a vehicle big enough to bring back two dressers and some boxes? And how do we have fun in the process?
    We have a few places to stay along the way for free, and I'd hoped to camp the rest of the time. We both need this trip so badly because of the nature of our hectic lives and the reality that we won't have the option to do this again for quite some time. If anyone out there has any ideas for us, that would be great. We could, in theory, drive down and back but we don't really have a vehicle that is big enough or reliable enough to get us down and back. I'm looking foward to any ideas.
    Thanks ya'll.

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    Default different issues

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you've got two pretty separate goals here, and they are kind of working against each other.

    On one hand, moving this furniture is important. That's going to require some sort of large vehicle. That's not going to be cheap to rent, or you're going to have to go with something like a moving van, which will limit the time you have available to get back.

    On the other, you want to spend time to explore and see things before you start a new job.

    In either case, money is a big issue.

    I see a couple options for you. If you have a large enough vehicle to move the furniture by yourself, then I think driving both ways is your best option. If you are making it a point to explore the country, then you can explore things going each direction.

    If you don't, then you might simply need to make a decision about what is more important, traveling and exploring or claiming your furniture. Shipping your furniture could very easily be cheaper than buying plane tickets and trying to find a large vehicle to transport it back. In fact, those costs could pretty easily cost more than the stuff is worth.

    However, if you did decide to bring back the stuff yourself. You could break things up a bit, simply by driving straight back from Dallas, but then still spend some time doing a roadtrip and exploring things closer to your new home using your own car and gear. Since you are new to the west coast, I'm sure you'd have no problem finding plenty of places to get away.

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    If your car is capable of towing a trailer, you can rent a one way U-Haul in Dallas for dropoff back home. See the country on the way out, rent the trailer, load it up, and go back home on a direct route.

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    Default excellent idea

    I don't know why I hadn't thought of the trailer idea, but that is an excellent suggestion as well. Even a mid-sized sedan should be able to pull a small trailer, the only downside is that if you don't already have a hitch attached, you'd have to spend some money to get one installed.

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    Have you looked into what it would cost to have the furniture shipped? How does that compare to the cost of renting a van or trailer? Don't forget that you'll use more gas in that larger vehicle too.

    Is the furniture valuable? If it's just functional -- not valuable or sentimental -- you might compare the cost of buying similar used items locally. Craigslist is a great way to find used furniture. After all, once you've rented the trailer, etc., this furniture isn't really going to be "free" to you.

    If you crunch the numbers, you might find that this "free" furniture isn't all that cheap. Of course, I'm just guessing; you'll have to investigate the options that're available to you.

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