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  1. Default LA to Chicago next week(North or South Route?) HELP!!

    Hey there,

    I need some help. My friend and I are driving from LA to Chicago next week, the 28th of Jan, and Im contemplating what would be the best way to go (i70 or i40).

    I dont care about the scenery, etc, I care about safety and getting there faster. Im not the best driver in snow..i kind of freak out and drive slowly. With that said, is it still better to drive through utah, colorado and nebraska because its 200 miles shorter? or just go through AZ, TX, Oklahoma, etc. Im thinking i will be driving at 80mph with the southern route, and maybe be less stressed? Im just not sure what to do. My friend and I drove to Breckenridge last year(he drove) and we did hit some snow going through vail and drove 10mph for like 20 miles...wouldnt want to deal with that again..

    Someone Help!!


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    Check the weather just before you go. I-40 is not immune from problems - you can get ice storms through MO, OK, and TX, and there are mountains in NM and AZ. I doubt you will be able to maintain 80 mph without risking a ticket, I'd recommend keeping it under 5mph over the limit. Generally, the shortest route is the best by the time you get done, unless there are specific conditions to indicate otherwise. If the weather gets bad, find a hotel and wait it out.

    I personally would rather drive in snow than on ice.

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    Default I-40

    While I agree that it is too soon to really tell, the long range outlooks are showing above normal chances of rain/snow in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado for next week, so I would say that I-40 in this particular instance is looking best right now.

    However, a 6-10 day forecast isn't much more than an educated guess, I'd certainly be looking again as things get closer and deciding if I-40, I-70, or I-80 will be your best choice.

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