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    So... my original idea was to go out west (like everyone else) but alas, time and money issues make this impossible. so me and my girlfriend are planning to condense it into an east coast deal. I'm thinking like a week or a little more, 2000 miles, goto NYC... then i really don't know.any ideas about where to go from there?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To be able to help you, anyone would have to know: Where are you starting from? What are your interests? Are there any limitations on your trip besides time? Money? Age? If all you are looking for are ideas within reach of New York City, then I'd suggest that you start by looking over all the ideas listed and linked to in this post.


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    ooh, sorry. Well we are both 18 (we'll be 19 by then, but nothing really changes :/ ). Starting from Cleveland, Ohio. And I don't really need any help w/ NYC, we're seeing Late Night w/ Conan, and whatever else we can find. Probably only for the day. I'm not spending god knows how much for a hotel there. I'm thinking hit up something in PA before NYC. Then camping maybe in the Adirondack. So i guess the question really is: what else is up there in the north eastern states? I'm thinking like 1 week, 2000 miles +/-, nooo idea on money, gas is going to be around 150, also foodwise on the lighter side, a few restaurants here and there. Any ideas?

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    Default 'Visiting' NYC

    While I've never stayed overnight in the area, I've certainly driven many times through the area just west of New York. I think that you'll have to make a trade-off here between cost of your motel and access to the city. If you haven't done it before (and even if you have) driving into the city may not be something you want to do. If you can get in close enough, you can visit NYC by using a commuter train. New Jersey Transit operates several lines into the city so see if you can find a motel in one of the towns served by it. You can then just drive to the station rather than schlepping your car in and trying to find a parking space.


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    I just looked - none of the Motel 6's in NJ near NYC will rent to under 21. I searched within a 50 mile radius of Newark and came up with 3 properties - all have the same policy. You have quite a bit to research - even Motel 6 is over $60 a night so I hate to think what the mainstream hotels cost. Driving into NYC is costly too - the toll is $8 on the George Washington Bridge.

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    Default Go Maine!

    You have got to go to Maine! It is a beautiful place with a lot to see and do- and has THE BEST lobster in America :) York Beach would probably be a nice place to check out if you don't want to go too far into Maine. It's a nice seaside town with lots of people your age. There's the Nubble lighthouse and pretty rock beaches- quite romantic because it gets a bit cool in the evening so you'll need to snuggle :)

    About lodging in the NY area.... have you considered camping? There are a couple places to camp near enough to NY, I'll have to dig round for the info. Bear Mountain I know is one place. Or, even if you camp out somewhere else, take the trains into NY- it's cheaper and less of a hassle to get around than taking the car. The Metro North or NJ Transit are pretty good.

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