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    Hi there
    me and my husband are considering the below road trip in a two week period at the start of oct
    seattle washington to
    Jasper Alberta to
    Lake Louise Alberta to Banff Alberta to
    Glacier National Park Montana

    then we want to drive to Yosemite and through California
    and then back to Washington

    is this achievable in a two week period?
    Sorry for my question but i really havent a clue about the distance or roads or how long it would take ( all that reserch is to come!) we live in Ireland so just starting to plan things!
    We will be hiring a camper van do we have to stay in camp grounds or can we park up anywhere?
    if anyone could help i would be so grateful and any hints on what to look out for also!
    thank you so much

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    Default It's certainly doable.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    I would imagine your journey will take you to just over the 3000 miles mark if you stop at Yosemite and maybe head towards S/F and back up towards Washington. Averaging about 215 miles per day which is well under our maximum recommendation of 500-550 miles, but of course you will want time to see these places rather than driving through them. I think you have the time other than the "drive through California" part as that could add several miles and days of exploring other areas.

    As it stands you could spend 4 or 5 days getting to Jasper and driving the Icefields parkway to Banff. Another 3-4 days through Glacier to Yosemite and a couple of nights there. That would leave you around 4 days to get back to Washington possibly via San Fran and some of the coast.
    Yosemite is amazing but if you wanted to be at a more relaxed pace you could opt for Yellowstone and the Teton's.

    You will not be able to park up anywhere as the parks have designated camping areas but you can use truck stops when on the road if you wish, although the campsites are good value. I am not sure if you have looked into it but for 2 of you the camper will almost certainly be dearer than a car and Motels and slower going, but a wonderful experience if you like to camp.

    As your trip takes shape and you have more questions just ask away.

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    thank you so much for your reply! Were thinking of now skipping the California part and just driving back from Montana to Washington state and taking our time with it! Thats the plan so far!
    Were really looking forward to staying in a camper van as opposed to a motel it just seems so much easier! Thanks for your help and i know i will have more questions!!

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