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  1. Default 3 week Family road trip from Louisiana to ...??

    We love adventures, nature, wildlife, and anything interesting. We have two girls ages 12 and 8. We live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and would like to see as many of the best attractions as possible in the three weeks we have for this vacation. This will be our first time renting an RV and we need help!! Where should we go?? What attractions should be a must do and/or see?? What RV parks should we stay at along the way?? ( Top rated RV parks?) Please help!!!

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    Default Anywhere

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    With three weeks and an RV, essentially anywhere in the contiguous US is within your reach. Given your stated interest in nature and adventures several possibilities present themselves. One would be to follow your 'local' river, the Mississippi, to its source in Minnesota. You'd be basically following one of the major bird migratory routes with an abundance of wildlife refuges as well as a ton of history. Similarly, you could follow the Appalachian Mountains to New England with plenty of natural scenery and an even heavier emphasis on history. You could head west to the Rockies and see some of the truly great natural wonders of our country making a large loop that included Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Arches, Yellowstone, Badlands and other national parks. Although I'm not an RVer myself, you will find plenty of information here.


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    Default Get out some good maps!

    AZBuck gave you some great suggestions. If none of those sound right to you, you might want to play with some good paper maps. A big, fairly detailed map of the entire US would be best, just spread it out and start looking it over.

    Mark anything that jumps out at you that you've always wanted to see (whether this be cities, national/state parks, natural wonders, locations of theme parks, whatever). Your kids are old enough to be a part of this as well and they should be encouraged to have a say in the plan. In fact, it might be fun to have different colored markers for each family member. It's easier to be sure that each person has at least a couple of their choices included in the final itinerary. After you've marked it up, see if a route jumps out at you that allows you to see all (or some) of the locations marked.

    Once you've gotten a rough idea of where you want to go, come on back here and share your plan so we can help you iron out any problems, etc. Happy planning!

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