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    Hi, We are flying into New York in June for ten days and then hiring a car and driving upto Rhode Island. We were wondering what the best places to see are. Are we best staying in a central area and doing day trips or would we be better staying in different places. We were thinking of driving to Providence and staying for a few days and then on to Boston and then onto Lake Placid before returing to new York for our flight home. Any suggestions on places to visit would be appreciated. Cazza

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    For Rhode Island, there is a very good resource at this link. It is a very small state (about 30 miles wide by 40 miles tall) and you can easily get between Providence and Boston via the highway.

    I'm a little confused by your query - are you thinking of staying in a location central to New York City, Providence, Boston, and Lake Placid? That would give you quite a day's drive in any direction if you just wanted to take a day trip somewhere.

    If you want to go in different directions on different days, then a central location is better, but if you are planning on spending several days in one location, then staying near that spot would be beneficial. I know I wouldn't want to try to drive into Boston during commuting time!

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    Thanks for your reply, sorry for the confusion. We were hoping to travel to Rhode Island and staying for four or five days, taking some day trips. Then staying in Boston for 2 nights and then travelling on to Lake Placid for the remainder of the holiday.

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    For starters, here are some of the better previous discussions of New England RoadTrips. They should give you a good idea of what's available to you throughout the area. As a rough number, I'd say you're looking at about 1000 miles for the loop from New York through Providence, Boston, Lake Placid and back to New York. You might want to look at stopping for some number of days in each of 3 or 4 spots on your loop as you've indicated. Each of the places you've listed could certainly entertain you for that long. Then look for the odd attraction between each of your major stops to both break up the drives and to let you sample a bit more. The one specific recommendation I would make is to use I-93/I-89 as your basic route from Boston to Lake Placid. This would let you see New Hampshire and Vermont, and set you up to take one of the ferries across Lake Champlain south of Burlington to get over to the New York side.


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