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    Default KC to Denver in February - Any Interesting Stops?

    I suppose the title says it all but will be traveling between KC and Denver next month and am wondering if anyone who has before has come across any interesting sights or stops that time of year.

    From the looks of it it seems like a pretty boring stretch of road. Hope there's some hidden treasures along the way though.

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    Default Attitude Matters

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    My wife and I once stopped at the welcome center just west of Kansas City and in talking to the people at the information desk, we asked them what their most frequent question was. It turned out to be "How long to get to Colorado?" Most people just blow through Kansas without a thought. But after a few minutes of discussion we had information that let us see: A snake being fed and subsequently shedding its skin while I held it; The world's biggest hand dug well and a great meteorite museum in a town that subsequently got completely destroyed in a tornado; Old cowboy haunts and cavalry forts; Walks through some of the last of the original tall grass prairie looking for pioneer wagon ruts; Touring great airplane museums; etc.

    Like anywhere else, there is plenty to see and do in Kansas and I applaud your efforts to find those opportunities. If you're going to be taking I-70, you'll find a few well spaced opportunities here, but my best bit of advice would to do as we did and stop at the welcome center and ask for recommendations that will specifically fit your interests.

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    Default Boring?

    Did someone say boring? That's a taboo word here. As AZBuck shared, there are tons of things to see and do anywhere you go. (Although I'll personally pass on the snake shedding skin thing.)

    You might poke around at the Kansas Tourism website for some great ideas. I love the Ready Made Adventures page listing all sorts of things that are quirky, historic, and geologically significant. It would be hard to choose. How would it be possible to be bored?

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    I should admit that boring might have been a poor choice of words. I would say though that the stretch of road is not commonly connected to words like "awesome" or "best ever!!!" At least I've never known it to be :)

    Anyways depending on the weather coming at us will dictate what and how long we will have to explore. Will have a 16 month old along for the ride so there will be plenty of opportunities to stop for a quick run around.

    Thanks though for the tips.....I'll take all that I can get.

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    Default Kid-Friendly

    Having a 16-month old along will definitely mean carving out time to let him/her get the wiggles out. Look for interesting parks, even city or school playgrounds, for that.

    Let us know how else we can assist you. Enjoy!

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