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    We are leaving May 1 from Peoria IL and want to head east, north & west. We want to see everything in our new 34' class A. We have appox. 7 months to travel then back to work. Need help finding a route and places to stay (dry camp). Ideas?

    Thanks much,


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unfortuantly, giving us just 3 out of 4 directions on a compass isn't really enough for us to know what it is that you hope to do. While 7 months is a great, long amount of time, even with 7 years you couldn't see everything. At the same time, if you're planning to be gone that long, you must have some good ideas about what you hope to do and where you plan to go. If you can give us more information about your trip, then we can help you fill in the gaps.

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    Hello again,

    We want to see Kentucky, Tenn. New York and travel up the coast. Maybe see Canada then back into the states. Heading west thru the northern states, then down into Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon and back home. We live in Reno NV. We are starting our journey out of IL because we have family there. We do not know the reality of time needed on this trip. We own a small business and feel we could escape for the remaider of the year. We need advice where to look to route such a trip or to speak with people who have done the same. We need to keep expenses down so dry camping would work for us. We will be 62 yrs old in March and understand we can get discount passes to the state and national parks. We have camped for years, but to travel like this is a dream come true. Does this help? Also, this is the first time we have joined a forum so we are nubes.


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    Hello and Welcome.

    That's a wonderfull adventure you have planned and the world is your oyster [well a big part of it! ]

    Now that you have found the forums I would have a good look around and use the search button for ideas. The Roadtrip Planning pages are also a great source of information,[found in the green bar near top of page] including lot's of tips on travelling with an R.V.

    Here is another link to a massive list of attractions in each state.

    And this one is for the National parks. It has all the info you need on each park by clicking on the map and choosing a park in that region, including campsites and reservations. You will also be able to get your senior annual pass as it is the official site.

    I would break your trip down into areas/States and then find places of interest within that part of your trip. Get a map out and start linking those places together and get an outline plan. you can use an on line mapping program such as google maps and start plotting distances e.t.c.

    Once you have a list of things that interest you and that you wish to see we can then help you put those pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and offer alternative or other things of interest along the way.

    As you go, just keep asking questions on this thread and it will soon come together for that trip of a lifetime.


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