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    Hey there!

    I am in the beginning stages of planning a 2 week road trip for May. We're starting in Michigan and the plan now is to drive down towards Atlanta, GA and then Gulf Shores, AL. There are a few things in the ATL area we'd like to check out and then spend a few days at the gulf. Looking for tips/ideas and help planning the trip. What to see and where to stay along the way. We're not big into museums, but enjoy historical sites (specifically the Civil War/antebellum trails). Also enjoy weird roadside attractions (I've checked on another site for some info). We're looking at driving south on 1-75, and would like an alternative drive home, possibly thru the Carolinas to the Charlotte/Mooresville area - then we'll follow I-77 north.


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    If you like to eat, you must go to Lambert's in Foley, AL.

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    Default An Alternative Basic Route

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    Instead of I-75 south, have a look at I-65. This would put you within visiting distance of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Shiloh in south central Tennessee. Between Nashville and Shiloh you can use the Natchez Trace. Another historic and antebellum site along this route is Selma, AL and the nearby Old Cahawba site. Then you can come through Atlanta on your way back north using I-85 up to the Charlotte area. If you come that way, a great side trip would be to FDR's Little White House State Historic Site.


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    Thank you both for your suggestions!!

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