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    I am traveling from Northern VA to Denver on Monday. I plan to stop in St. Louis and KC. I am kinda worried because it is so cold..and potential snow. Is there anything I should do special to prepare? Do they keep the roads pretty much clear? I don't have chains and I have had trouble find a store that has then here in N. VA.

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    I wouldn't worry about chains. You don't have any mountain passes to go through. It looks like the snow is going to be all east of the Mississippi, and the Interstates are kept as clear as possible. If the weather gets too bad for you, find a hotel to hole up in to wait it out.

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    Default You're as Prepared as You're Going to Be

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    Far more important than any equipment you're going to be able to buy before you leave is your level of skill in driving in adverse conditions. And even more important still is your knowledge of just what conditions you're comfortable driving in and which ones you're not. Cold per se is not a problem, but snow and ice, particularly for someone from the south, are. If you get into weather and road situations you are unfamiliar with, just pull over for a few hours, or even a day and let the weather pass and the road crews do their job while you stay safe and warm in a motel.


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